Episode 52 – Powerless Boothe

Chuck’s Take
Air Date: 5/14/2017
Episode: 52
Duration: 106:07
Size: 101MB
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Summary: An elusive and coveted sound clip evades the boys yet again. Please folks help us out: In the month of October 2016 during a speech, Donald Trump said “I say this and I say this”. Chucksteak is the most likable person on PodTrash and Booney is not as hated as he thought he was. The likeability survey is dissected and is decidedly “flawed bigly”. It was a lot of fun though, thanks BillyBob! FBI director James Comey gets shit-canned by God Emperor Trump. Long time connections between the Clinton family and himself are exposed in a Chuck’s Take exclusive. Booney shares his autistic poem about his wife’s chinchilla and the listeners are left feeling confused and concerned. A strange nude man with a ‘yam like chode’ named “Big Jim” is terrifying people on twitter. Powers Boothe dies, not so powerful anymore are you “boothie boy”? Catch Chuck’s Take LIVE! Every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST or the Zionists win!

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