Episode 51 – Yam Like Chode

Chuck’s Take
Air Date: 5/7/2017
Episode: 51
Duration: 89:33
Size: 86MB
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Summary: Prince Phillip is in the news after saying “There are way too many people on the planet” and us plebs need to be “culled out”. No wonder when people get their assholes pierced it’s called a “Prince Phillip”. The golden age of MTV was fleeting but worthy of nostalgia. A man with a “yam like chode” is on trial for murder after his wife was allegedly suffocated by his disgusting yam. What would Johnnie Cochran say? The boys ask the listeners to focus their negative energy in an effort to kill Roger Goodell with a mass psychic attack. Hey..why not?..it worked when they did it to Patrick Swayze. Is Booney’s comedy getting better, or just slightly less awful? Call in LIVE! Every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST and let us know.

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