Episode 50 – Da Jooz Did 9-11

Chuck’s Take
Air Date: 4/23/2017
Episode: 50
Duration: 71:04
Size: 68MB
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Summary: This show kicks off with a Vladimir Putin quote about US civilians killed in Iraq, and Booney has a new annoying air horn sound he’s using. CS brags about Putin’s new artic military base and shortly afterwards he claims the truth about what happened during WWII is unobtainable, but the Jews should “be exposed”. That is followed with a fascinating conversation about the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit, with CS claiming colleges employ homos with the purpose of brainwashing people. Pun Boy calls in to get CS to talk about his holocaust conspiracy beliefs, to which he elaborates that he saw a documentary once that starred a Jew. Booney gets high, and that is legal now in MA so chill dude. CS mentions his frustration that Podesta tweeted out a pic of Comet Ping Pong showing support, and RDV calls into the show. CS elaborates again on the holocaust to refute that he is a “denier”, saying it’s just that the numbers are exaggerated along with the facts about how Jews died. He took the conspiracy a little further by stating that diseases took most, which was caused by the allied bombing. CS tells a story how in the early 90’s Booney blew up their mother’s $400 microwave by nuking an egg in a mason jar and Booney jabs back by telling CS that he is no better than the Jews. The boys discuss a band chic they knew who was into doing self-fisting anal porn, while reflecting on how wholesome she was in college. Pun Boy calls in again and offers Bill O’reilly as a topic, to which CS responds to by bragging about what a large cock O’reilly has. Booney starts the show break with a clip of an angry black trump supporter talking about rich ”Arabs” on food stamps, followed by a news clip of the white Chicago guy who was robbed and beat up by angry black people yelling about Trump. CS offered Booney an ‘undeveloped’ black joke for Booney’s undeveloped comedy act, which Booney says CS absolutely will not see until he’s done 10 shows. This synopsis guy estimates that will be completed by 2264 or 2265. CS talks a little about the French, and Booney talks about D&D. Booney claims he is working on a PT community D&D campaign, but it’s not finished yet, and he states it will only be for really “intelligent people”. This synopsis guy estimates that project to be completed sometime in 2143 (or later). Booney’s Sunday night beer buzz ramps up towards the end of the show, but sometimes words are hard to say, so that’s okay. Booney tells a new undeveloped joke about Michael Jackson being black/white, then while CS was mid-sentence with his ideas about improving it, the show-ending theme kicks in. His last word was, “Really?”.

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