Episode 49 – Flock Of Seagulls

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 49
Air Date: 04/02/17
Size: 104mb
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Summary: Is Trump playing 4-D chess, or is he playing status quo politics as usual; like every other prez. that has lied to us and fucked us over? Chucksteak doesn’t adopt regional dialect based on the words he is saying. This causes a brief spout between the boys, in which Booney is angered over the pronunciation of “Iran”. Hang on to those old “SJW free” gaming systems and games. There will be no more made. CNN polls predict that Honest Frank has a 96% chance of winning the “2017 PodTrash New Show Election”. Protect your family and be a TRUE patriot by taking your gun safety course and legally obtaining your first firearm. The Second Amendment is a thing folks, and the world seems turned upside down now, more than ever. Our polls show 9 out of 10 ‘woke’ people surveyed listen to Chuck’s Take LIVE every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST.

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