Episode 47 – Old Yeller

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 47
Air Date: 03/26/17
Size: 75mb
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Summary: Alex Jones walks back statements about ‘pizza gate’ in a possible attempt at avoiding lawsuits. Booney puts a leash on a random internet troll, renames him “Old Yeller” and makes him his literal dog. His pathetic whimpering will echo throughout the internet for ages. The recent terrorist attack in England was a false flag. The terrorist was running over manikins, not real people you fools! Paul Ryan is treasonous traitor working for the shadow govt. When the weather warms up the “Faggot Spring” will commence. This is when ‘antifa’ will go full retard and start shooting Trump supporters. Break the conditioning every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST by listening to Chuck’s Take live.

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