Episode 46 – Ham Planet

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 46
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Summary: YouTube drama has been great recently. JonTron’s edgy comments on a twitch stream cause the triggering of many a SJW. Trey Gowdy is unapologetic about “who’s careers are ruined.” in the pending investigations into human trafficking. Do you play the “Booney Drinking Game”? Every time Booney says: “cultural Marxism, academia, juxtapose, intelligentsia or zeitgeist” take a drink. Only the most degenerate of alcoholics can play that game. Amy Schumer is an un-funny, joke-thieving hambeast. We are blessed by many call-ins from friends of the show. Can’t stump the TRUMP!, also MAGA by listening to Chuck’s Take every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST. Praise Kek!

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