Episode 44 – Deepest Blue

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 44
Size: 83mb
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Summary: The show starts with dank fake news in the form of an inaccurate quote from John Lennon recorded in 1981! LL Cool J inappropriately co-opts white culture claiming his “head is like a sharks fin”. Everyone knows only white people can shape their wet hair into a shark’s fin. Booney is clearly at his wits end when Chuck attempts to cancel the 8PM start, admits he didn’t prepare for the show because he played video games for four hours, and gets drunk…again. Just when things couldn’t get any worse, Chuck defends internet trolls who are trying to gather personal information about them through their uncle “Sydwinder”. This escalates into an old heated debate between the boys. Dejected and exhausted, Booney brings the show to an abrupt END.

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