Episode 42 – Tech Shaming

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 42
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Summary: The show starts with tension between the boys after Booney flubs his production duties. Aside from Johnny Winter, Shaun “Talcum X” King may be the whitest human being on the planet. Shia LaBeouf packs up his toys and goes home after his gay “art project” gets trolled. He was triggered to the point of assaulting a minor, and getting arrested for it. “Tech Shaming” is a thing people. Be respectful to those who don’t have the latest gadgets, especially to the three people on the planet who are still using Windows Vista. A disgusting ham-beast feminist assaults a man by shoving a bloody “sanitary napkin” into his mouth. Damn motherfucker! If that’s what they call a “sanitary napkin”, I sure as shit DON’T want to see an “UN-sanitary napkin”! Remember, if you folks want to hear Chuck’s Take LIVE every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST, baby I’m cool with that…baby I’m fine with that. Give us a call too 508-444-2783.

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