Episode 37 – The Lord Kek Giveth & Taketh Away

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 37
Size: 49mb
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Summary: Tucker Carlson is forgiven for his bowtie-wearing past. His latest interviews have gone viral and he made a SJW named Kurt Eichenwald go into full meltdown mode via Twitter. Remember when Joey Boots interviewed Tucker Carlson in Central Park? Neither does Pepperidge Farms (that’s a meme folks). What are the origins of both the metaphysical, god-like entity “Kek” and his Christ like son Pepe? Numerous friends of the show call in and are promptly “thank you’d for their call’d”. Chuck thinks western civilization has become a complicated episode of South Park and Boon thinks we’re all living in a hologram. Yup…some shit never changes here at Chuck’s Take. That being said; don’t give me any fucking “okie doke” about why you didn’t tune into Chuck’s Take LIVE every Sunday night 9:00 PM EST! We haven’t been seeing the “sardine shwarms” like we used to.

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