Episode 36 – No Refunds

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 36
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Summary: Chuck falls victim to his own personal “PizzaGate” when the delivery driver fails to deliver his pizza even remotely on time. “Fake News” is all the rage as the MSM spiral into a self induced panic. Don’t worry though folks, you can always get the real McCoy here at Chuck’s Take. Julian Assange is still nowhere to be found and no one seems to be asking any questions about his disappearance. Sorry retards, no refunds to those who donated to Sanders for his Prez. race, and to Stein for her futile re-count crusade. We are joined by good friends of the show and take some thought provoking calls. Even lib-tards have the opportunity to voice their vision of the world here at Chuck’s Take (don’t worry folks, no one was triggered). Remember, don’t give us any “okie doke” excuse about why you missed Chuck’s Take LIVE every Sunday @ 9:00PM EST! You people are cancer!!!

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