Episode 34 – Mrs. Steak

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 34
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Summary: The lib-tard antics of Jill (Frankenstein) Stein, Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren and Angela (Mengele) Merkel are dissected, and promptly thrown in the trashcan. If these people want someone to crap on their face, that’s their issue, dirty Sanchez. Reddit has officially self-destructed from the inside, is www.voat.co a viable alternative for scouring the dungeons of citizen journalism? Detective “Chuck Columbo” always distracts his suspects during interview with anecdotes about his wife: “Mrs. Steak”. Why have we never met “Mrs. Steak”? Does she even exist? Steve (lied about being in the WTC during 9/11) Rannazzisi makes a futile attempt at changing his image and returning to stand-up comedy. The boys remind the masses that this man is worse than Hitler. There are rumors floating around the internet that: Steve Rannazzisi actually might have something to DO with the attacks on September 11th 2001. Don’t be a “Nelly”, listen to Chuck’s Take LIVE every Sunday night at 9:00 PM EST, exclusively on PodTrash.

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