Episode 33 – Chucksteak’s Plantation

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 33
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Summary: The boys start things off by yelling at each other like two drunken homeless men in a subway system. After almost an hour of arguing, they fail to see eye to eye and absolutely nothing of value is gained. *skip to 43:00 if you need to tap out, I only lasted 15 minutes* Mainly out of exhaustion they get back to the roots of the show with a discussion about the whereabouts or fate of Julian Assange. Seriously though, where the fuck is this guy? It would take him five minutes to share a simple proof of life video. Chucksteak thinks that the globalist elites suffer from some type of brain disorder because of their strict cannibal diet. Booney thinks we are living in a technological hologram. Are all of these crazy events of 2016 a massive troll on us peasants? They wrap things after slurred speech is detected. It’s usually a good indication to get off the air.

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