Episode 32 – The Airhorn Heard Around The World

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 32
Size: 63mb
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Summary: The show starts with discussion about Mao Zedong, and it’s agreed that if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow. The “airhorn heard around the world” blows the eardrums from the skulls of every SJW at once, as the great Donald Trump is elected POTUS. The boys dine on the resulting “chicken tendies” and drink “lib tears” by the gallon. Julian Assange is granted asylum in the form of sleeping in Booney’s basement on an air mattress and decides to go back into exile. Do the Illuminati have an official handbook? Chucksteak says: “Yes they do!” Detective Columbo questions John Podesta about his involvement with “subterranean tunnels under Comet Pizza”. Things take a strange turn for the worse when Chucksteak admits he’s been “colluding behind Booney’s back” to introduce new producers. Booney flies off the fucking handle and goes berserk. The two brothers have not talked since, and it’s all YOUR fault! Alcohol consumption had nothing to do with any of this!

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