Episode 31 – Hutdog Pizza

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 31
Size: 117mb
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Summary: The opening theme song is played, Chuck does his lead-in quote, and Alex Jones screams at the top of his lungs. Is Hillary Clinton linked to a child trafficking operation that took place in Haiti after the earthquake? The boys make an attempt at predicting the 2016 presidential candidate *SPOILER ALERT* (they both get it completely fucking wrong). Due to recent revelations via WikiLeaks, Booney starts to warm up in regards to taking Chuck and his harebrained conspiracies a bit more seriously. John Podesta “spirit cooks” a delicious “hutdog pizza” and we have the documents to prove it. We again listen to Chuck letting Booney know how pissed he is with Boon’s inability to upload the shows in a timely manner. A heated argument ensues about the final nail in the coffin regarding “the death of hair metal”. 9 out of 10 lady-boy rockers wearing teal spandex agree it was the Station Nightclub Fire.

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