Episode 29 – Braggadocio

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 29
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Summary: There were some pretty cringe Jack Nicholson impressions right off the bat, but hey guys…imagine if Jack Nicholson handled the iron curtain as well as Reagan; “Nurse Ratched…Tear down this wall”. Am I right or am I right!?…Guys?…*CLEARS THROAT*…John Booney “bumps” his microphone in a drunken stupor then proceeds to obsess over it leading to a bizarre ‘chant’ that ignites a subsequent derailment of the show. The boys do their best to recover though. They always put their differences aside and get down to brass tacks after a squabble or some horse play. Chuck is a great arbiter in that light. He always squashes a squabble by going outside for “half a smoke”, looks upward at the stars and thinks to himself; “What a wonderful FLAT world.” Seriously though folks…the world IS flat…Google it dude. We were joined by friends of the show as always. Also…it’s been proven by four out of five “Sex Doctors” that you’ll get more “prooshey” by listening to Chuck’s Take LIVE every Sunday night at 9:00 PM EST!

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