Episode 28 – I’m A Sovereign Citizen

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 28
Size: 90mb
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Summary: Settle down folks, there’s a lot to cover here. This show kinda’ fucking sucked, but it had it’s good moments. Chuck & Boon both agree that if you’re cool with local cops then you won’t be fucked over & shot; I.E. don’t be a fucking asshole until you’re on the pavement and the jack boots are on your neck. Booney ruins his signed “Mike Vrabel” photo because he fell into it during a drunken stupor. Chucksteak is thankful that his older brother Booney kept him away from cocaine during the “rock & roll” days. We are joined by ‘friends of the show’ as usual. Poison smells like ‘almonds’ people! Consider yourselves warned. We ask our resident medic Chad about natural toxins and he’s completely oblivious to basic medical standards as usual. Chucksteak and many other hard-boiled Americans smell their toenail clippings and we all agree they smell like “cheese doom”. Why does this occur Chad? *SPOILER ALERT!* (he doesn’t know…)

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