Episode 26 – Massachusettschu

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 26
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Summary: What the fuck is “Liberal Arts”? What type of employer would consider it a prerequisite? Chucksteak and Booney can’t see eye to eye on the 1st Presidential debate; however they do agree that Clinton was on diazepam and Trump was on coke. Turmoil stirs in the town of Gloucester, Massachusettschu as police chief Campanello is ousted by the Mayor over secret accusations of misconduct (no one gives a fuck about this story except the guy who brought it up in order to justify repeated plays of his new sound byte.) Get ready for “thought crime” in the USA. The gears are in motion folks. If you’re a white guy driving a pick-up truck you already have one strike against you. As always we are joined by friends of the show.

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