Episode 25 – From April 26th

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 25
Size: 98mb
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Summary: Furkey, surkey, shmoak-shteek right in the purshey, she give you eveyding you want…rong time. Will Gennifer Flowers spread ham-clam live during the presidential debates? Chucksteak thinks a common AM radio error repeating (in loop) “from April 26th”, is actually an elaborate message hashed out by the lizard people. He translates the radio clip as saying: “Trump will go 26”. Drama ensues when Chuck finds out that Boon has been selling AD placements on his show in the form of ‘Celebrity Apps’. Pull your dick out for Harambe now, real quick, it doesn’t take much effort, just do it as a symbolic gesture. We take calls from a few friends of the show and nothing of value was gained. Don’t give Rip Torn LSD and a hammer at the same time.

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