Episode 24 – Jeez Oh Man

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 24
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Summary: What a triumphant return! Many friends of the show call in to remind Chucksteak how “yuuuge” he is. Let’s tackle the 2016 presidential election folks: “Lock her up!, Lock her up!”. PodTrash has the best conspiracy themed radio shows, don’t we folks? Jeez oh man, it looks like Boon might get fired because the Patriots stuffed the Dolphins into a trashcan with a 3rd string quarterback. Do you want to tackle Kaepernick?..more like: Kaeper’Dick’…ammirightgoise? Hillary Clinton gets a big smooch on the cheek from the grand dragon of the KKK. Should Chucksteak get on camera folks? If you say ‘yes’ then you should pressure him to do so. CT show needs the sound clip of Chad saying “Go cuck a sucked cock.” Bretty sure that steel beams can’t melt jet fuel. Jeez oh man, wew lads, don’t worry…Chuck & Boon will “NEVER…EVER…NEVER…EVER..NEVER…ect.”

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