Episode 23 – Turn The Friggin Frogs Gay

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 23
Size: 81mb
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Summary: Women can’t drive for shit. White privilege is a myth. There is a huge disconnect between John Booney and Chuck. Chucksteak is more loved in the community. Boon is all out of ‘fucks’ to give. Chuck gets mad and he gets ‘air-horned’. Boon calls Chucksteak “a real fucking asshole”. The “CMB Pop-Up Show” is discussed and nothing of value is created. You can major in “Smellin’ Yo Baby Daddy Dick to Find Out if He Been Cheetin” at Harvard, (and get a job in the main stream media). Not knowing what a ‘crucible’ is “is pretty fucking dumb”. Boon is a “snow monkey” from New England. Also #DicksOutForHarambe

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