Episode 20 – AIRHORN!

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 20
Size: 89mb
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Summary: Chuck admits right off the bat that his goldfish sized brain was captivated by JDummy’s “Cowboy Steak Riding a Horse.gif” and he couldn’t articulate a conversation while watching it. The .gif took up 92% of his mental comprehension threshold. That shit must be MKULTRA disinformation. The absurdity of the long awaited “Boonvivor” series is lampooned. Zika Virus is total horseshit, pneumonia has caused 935,000 deaths in children under the age of five in the year of 2013. Zika virus has killed ONE person. PNEMONIA HAS A VACCINE! Chad calls in and cures Booney’s embarrassing cold sores. Chuck is the leader of the (Pleb)s. The revolution WILL be uploaded!

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