Episode 20 – Friday The 13th

The Gonzo Shitcock Show
Episode: 20
Air Date: 10/13/17
Duration: 129:14
Size: 125mb

Summary: iTunes restrictions force Gonzo to shorten the show title and things start late due to some Uber drama. Serial Killer Jack is back from Las Vegas and he graciously offers a vintage piece of muderabilia to Gonzo. Wush and Jack clear the air over Monotone Matt’s future at Podtrash. Ass Napkin Ed angrily voices his opinion. Napkin’s breasts, homophobia and political views are discussed. Ed hangs up just to call right back. Crazy Southener calls in doing odd impressions of Alex Jones, Jon Lester and Napkin’s Lover. High Pitch Erik’s upcoming surgery is discussed. Serial Killer Jack requests Erik’s ashes if he doesn’t pull through. Gonzo exits early for Octoberfest and hands the reigns over to Jack and Monotone to close the show out. Serial Killer Jack’s twin brother calls in and airs some dirty laundry; including a deceased, coked-out prostitute.

Episode 19 – New Mic and a New Woman

The Gonzo Shitcock Show
Episode: 19
Air Date: 10/06/17
Duration: 135:23
Size: 130mb

Summary: Gonzo has a new mic and discusses the recent events that went down in Vegas. Ass Napkin has been banned from Twitter for a racially charged tirade towards an NBA player. Serial Killer Jack is in Vegas meeting up with an old friend. High Pitch Erik plans on shedding his breasts while Ass Napkin Ed is cashing in on his. Gonzo voices his concerns over Erik’s health and discusses his upcoming interview with Dr. Drew.

Episode 18 – Gonzo’s Back

The Gonzo Shitcock Show
Episode: 18
Air Date: 09/29/17
Duration: 131:12
Size: 129mb

Summary: Gonzo returns to his own show with a new computer but a shitty mic. Chuck from Boston calls in to discuss accusations he’s a racist. Serial Killer Jack adds Gonzo to his will. Monotone Matt calls in to claim he’s not the pipe bomber from his local town, even though the suspect sketch matches his face. Dr. Drew interviews High Pitch. Serial Killer Jack talks about being a landlord in the ghetto of Chicago.

Episode 17 – Technical Difficulties

The Gonzo Shitcock Show
Episode: 17
Air Date: 09/15/17
Duration: 95:13
Size: 93mb

Summary: Gonzo welcomes his old friend technical difficulties and has to leave the show intermittently to address his mic, High Pitch Erik calls in to cuck Serial Jack’s airtime, Gonzo has a new haircut, Wush and Gonzo argue over content relating to a chubster in Missouri, HPE pitches a Sunday show to Wush and offers to co-host Wush’s show “What Is This”

Episode 16 – Ass Napkin

The Gonzo Shitcock Show
Episode: 16
Air Date: 09/08/17
Duration: 95:13
Size: 93mb

Summary: Ass Napkin Ed takes over the show while Gonzo’s computer is in disrepair. Support the Podcast

Episode 15 – Awards Show

The Gonzo Shitcock Show
Episode: 15
Air Date: 09/01/17
Duration: 118:47
Size: 114mb
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Summary: Napkin Ed returns to cohost with Gonzo. High Pitch Erik calls in to make up with Ass Napkin Ed. Gonzo hosts the 1st annual Gonzo Awards. HPE teaches Wush how to cure insomnia with Twinkies and Gatorade from 7-11 before bed. HPE interviews Ass Napkin about his diet and daily activities. Support the Podcast

Episode 14 – Too High

The Gonzo Shitcock Show
Episode: 14
Air Date: 08/25/17
Duration: 127:15
Size: 124mb
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Summary: Im WAY too high to write a synopsis. Sorry Support the Podcast

Episode 13 – HPE Naps Through The Show

The Gonzo Shitcock Show
Episode: 13
Air Date: 08/11/17
Duration: 121:35
Size: 117mb
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Summary: High Pitch Erik sleeps thru the podcast during his live stream. Farmer Ben checks in after being bastardized from the internet. Monotone Matt and Serial Jack call in to co-host. Svoog Buzz calls in to confront Gonzo. Monotone Matt takes on his arch nemesis Titty Boy. Dino from Masterchef calls in with lady advice. Support the Podcast

Episode 12 – Erik Returns

The Gonzo Shitcock Show
Episode: 12
Air Date: 08/11/17
Duration: 203:14
Size: 197mb
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Summary: Erik returns to the show while live on his YouTube camera feed. The show runs a marathon of epic proportions. Trolls, fake family members, and Monotone Matt invade the show. Talks of North Korea and possible war with Erik. Much More. Donate if you want Erik to stick around. Support the Podcast

Episode 11 – Gonzo Got A Green Screen

The Gonzo Shitcock Show
Episode: 11
Air Date: 08/04/17
Duration: 98:24
Size: 96mb
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Summary: Gonzo broadcasts video for the first time front of a green screen. High Pitch Erik calls in to explain why he left Podtrash and demands a new timeslot. Our friend Dino from the hit TV show TopChef calls in to give Gonzo cooking tips. Ass Napkin Ed’s phone numbers are disconnected. Support the Podcast