Episode 25 – Ball Torture

The Eh Team
Episode: 25
Size: 99mb
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Summary: Calls from Chad and JDummy helped round out a fun show. Jesse Ventura left a message for big Dave. Robyn shared her prom pic. Discussion about bad dates, Wush had better bring his A-game for Robyn’s upcoming birthday. We also talked about the legalization of pot in Canada. And Wush and Robyn test out a new sex toy that was not friendly towards Wush’s balls.

Episode 24 – Big Dave and Little Big Dave

The Eh Team
Episode: 24
Size: 83mb
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Summary: Despite some Skype hiccups, Robyn and Jon put on another fun drama free show. Calls from Big Dave, Ray from palm beach, JDummy, Chrissy and Krystal. We tried to get in touch with the other big Dave. Left some messages about his gnarled dick.

Episode 23 – Big Dave

The Eh Team
Episode: 23
Size: 112mb
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Summary: Robyn and Jon are back together after Jon’s holiday. Talk of Robyn’s new place, Jon’s Mexican adventures, and Joey Boots passing. JDummy introduced us to his online paramore, Big Dave. Who was looking for ratings on his dick pic. So we got him on the line, and rated and berated him. Calls from JDummy, Chad, and RDV.

Episode 22 – Oh, The Humanity

The Eh Team
Episode: 22
Size: 119mb
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Summary: Robyn and jon discuss Robyn’s new digs, Jon’s snowblower issues and lollipops. Chad, RDV, Quinn and Chrissy called in to play cards against humanity. Chrissy couldn’t figure it out but played along earning 43.5 imaginary points, while RDV won the game. A real fun show.

Episode 21 – Menstruation Is Not Funny. Period.

The Eh Team
Episode: 21
Size: 122mb
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Summary: Jon and Robyn talk tv. Boon calls in to extend an olive branch to Jon. Podtrash poll on period sex, and the frequency of sex and the married podtrasher. Billy Bob called in with the “did Booney say it game”. Chad called in to unnecessarily white knight Boon. RDV called to weigh in on the evenings topics, and to debut his new Kathy Bates impression.

Episode 20 – Community

The Eh Team
Episode: 20
Size: 72mb
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Summary: The Canadian twat and the talentless fat fuck are back. General chat with calls from Chad, controversial Krystal and RDV.

Episode 19 – Duct Taped Butt Cheeks

The Eh Team
Episode: 19
Size: 80mb
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Summary: Robyn and Jon were back with another show filled with technical hiccups. But when we got rolling, the fun began. Discussion included, our shitty weeks, upcoming vacations, and Matilda the musical. Static called in with some BDSM stories including how he duct taped a butt plug up his ex’s ass. The mighty Quinn called in to give her 2 cents, as she used to be into the BDSM scene. The show finished with hilarious sex talk.

Episode 18 – Tales From The Dungeon

The Eh Team
Episode: 18
Size: 189mb
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Summary: The show started with a few technical hiccups, but when Skype got its act together, it turned in to a fun show. Calls from Boots and RDV and Tiger. Talk varied from TV to Trump to a $13000 male sex doll and foot vaginas. Weird sex terms and we learn that static is a sick minded individual. Quinn called in with tales from the sex dungeon.

Episode 17 – Mormon Girlz

The Eh Team
Episode: 17
Size: 132mb
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Summary: Another fun episode of the EH-Team. Robyn and Jon discussed president elect Trump, and how Wush ended up not voting. RDV called to weigh in on the election and Jon being fat. Billy-Bob called in to join the fun. Robyn tie-dyes a shirt and now wants to tie-dye everything. Booney is going to teach Robyn wilderness survival. Jon likes Mormon porn. And Wush finds Mormon anal bumps distasteful.

Episode 16 – Theme Song Bingo

The Eh Team
Episode: 16
Size: 94mb
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Summary: Robyn and Jon talk about Halloween, parenting, murder, and Robyn’s quest for a less cluttered lifestyle. RDV called in to eventually tell us about Halloween in Australia. Gruse called in to challenge Robyn to Theme Song Bingo, and kicked her ass. Good times. A call from “Homeland Security” regarding Robyn having inappropriate material on her computer.