Episode 04 – Tits

Podtrash Party Line
Air Date: 09/13/2017
Episode: 04
Duration: 102:30
Size: 100mb
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Summary: The Wed. US Eh team started with Robyn get sexy-fied for Twitch, and there was Vegan talk but not too much, so it’s okay. After we figured out why it was that Robyn was, allegedly, annoying, we received a ton of great calls to include but not limited to, Ted who played a new special HPE sports show clip, and Robyn’s brain, who admitted everything she was thinking.

Episode 03 – Boobs

Podtrash Party Line
Air Date: 09/06/2017
Episode: 03
Duration: 87:12
Size: 85mb
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Summary: Robyn and Billybob host a show of various subjects until one of them steps up and writes a fucking synopsis.

The US-EH Team – Episode 02

Podtrash Party Line
Air Date: 8/30/2017
Episode: 02
Duration: 92:45
Size: 91mb
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Summary: Robyn, Billybob, and Quinn host a show of various subjects until one of them steps up and writes a fucking synopsis.

Episode 01 – New Beginnings

Podtrash Party Line
Air Date: 8/23/2017
Episode: 01
Duration: 138:09
Size: 135mb
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Summary: With Jon retiring from The EH Team the show continues on as an international extravaganza newly titled The US-EH Team. Robyn is joined by Quinn & Krystal to discuss everything American and Canadian and some vagina stuff. The show ends with some awful karaoke by Wush.

Episode 50 – Finale

The Eh Team
Episode: 50
Air Date: 08/16/17
Size: 140mb
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Summary: The feels were in full effect as JTMG bids a fond farewell to The Eh Team. Billy Bob sat in for the show. A kid roasts JTMG. Prank calls galore. Vegetarian talk. Trump talk. Billy Bob and Krystal vie for JTMG’s spot. JTMG’s nearly impossible trivia. JTMG speaks his opinion on Max. Karaoke from Robyn, Jon, and Static. Calls from Jdummy, Gonzo, dirty southerner, monotone Matt, voitek and static.

I would like to thank the listeners and the podtrash peeps for their support for these past 3 years. It has been really fun for me. I have met great people on here who I will be in contact with for the rest of my life.

Thanks to max for putting me on in the first place.

Thanks to Robyn, who has been so fun to work with. You and your family have a place in my heart, and I am proud to call you my friend.

Thanks to Wush, who has pretty much given me free reign to explore and play on his network. He has created a space for us misfits to meet, and I was welcomed into the fold from day one. Wush has to mediate a lot of bullshit for practically no return. And he has put up with my bullshit and I am thankful to him for that. I am also proud to call him a friend.

I’ll be around. And I am not here to rape you.

Episode 49 – Planning The End

The Eh Team
Episode: 49
Air Date: 08/09/17
Size: 90mb
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Summary: Talk of planners, Montreal adventures, kids grow up too fast, and imminent nuclear bullshit.
Billy Bob sat in for vegan talk and JTMG’s nearly impossible trivia.

Episode 48 – The EH Team Makes Plans

The Eh Team
Episode: 48
Air Date: 08/02/17
Size: 113mb
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Summary: Back on track after some sick days. Planner drama and planner future. Should men wear bracelets. Refugees. Icelandic Canada wear. JTMG’s nearly impossible trivia. Billy Bob sits in. Lots of callers. Bad karaoke. Good times.

Episode 47 – Better Late Than Never

The Eh Team
Episode: 47
Air Date: 07/19/17
Size: 147mb
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Summary: The show started a little late due to boinking. Calls from bobo and billy bob. B.C wild fires. Crazy contact lens story. North Korea craziness. JTMG’s nearly impossible trivia. Wush expounds on recent situations.

Episode 46 – Coffee and Canada

The Eh Team
Episode: 46
Air Date: 06/28/17
Size: 153mb
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Summary: Jon holds the fort while Robyn is in Toronto.
Canadian news. Origins of the C word. The weed capital of Canada.
Farting in parliament. Jon’s dating woes. Jvoitek calls in to talk about technical holocaust and plays JTMG’s almost impossible trivia. Andy Cruz calls in to tell his side of the holocaust. And Chrissy called in to talk about the fat Jew on YouTube.

Episode 45 – Is There A God

The Eh Team
Episode: 45
Air Date: 06/21/17
Size: 153mb
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Summary: Robyn and Jon are back on a bunch of platforms. Callers ask if there is a god, and describe the perfect burger. Billy Bob was a bottle of wine in, and sat in for the show. Ted and Johnny called in to discuss the Eh Team Pre-Show. Bobo called in with a programming change and gaining back the weight he lost. RDV called in just to be Australian. We receive a call from a new listener from Ireland. Jon talked about his dating life. Ted’s karaoke Eh Team debut.