Episode 47 – Better Late Than Never

The Eh Team
Episode: 47
Air Date: 07/19/17
Size: 147mb
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Summary: The show started a little late due to boinking. Calls from bobo and billy bob. B.C wild fires. Crazy contact lens story. North Korea craziness. JTMG’s nearly impossible trivia. Wush expounds on recent situations.

Episode 46 – Coffee and Canada

The Eh Team
Episode: 46
Air Date: 06/28/17
Size: 153mb
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Summary: Jon holds the fort while Robyn is in Toronto.
Canadian news. Origins of the C word. The weed capital of Canada.
Farting in parliament. Jon’s dating woes. Jvoitek calls in to talk about technical holocaust and plays JTMG’s almost impossible trivia. Andy Cruz calls in to tell his side of the holocaust. And Chrissy called in to talk about the fat Jew on YouTube.

Episode 45 – Is There A God

The Eh Team
Episode: 45
Air Date: 06/21/17
Size: 153mb
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Summary: Robyn and Jon are back on a bunch of platforms. Callers ask if there is a god, and describe the perfect burger. Billy Bob was a bottle of wine in, and sat in for the show. Ted and Johnny called in to discuss the Eh Team Pre-Show. Bobo called in with a programming change and gaining back the weight he lost. RDV called in just to be Australian. We receive a call from a new listener from Ireland. Jon talked about his dating life. Ted’s karaoke Eh Team debut.

Episode 44 – Purple Stink Berries

The Eh Team
Episode: 44
Air Date: 06/14/17
Size: 153mb
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Summary: Another fun episode. Rdv called in about his haemorrhoid adventures. Billybob sat in for most of the show. He and Robyn discussed juicing and living a plant based diet. Wush takes hour long dumps. Jon’s online dating adventures continue. Mark the lawyer called in and Robyn may have a new job. Wush closes the show belting out some Sinatra.

Episode 43 – Video Explosion

The Eh Team
Episode: 43
Air Date: 06/07/17
Size: 110mb
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Summary: Podtrash… then Twitch. Now the world. The EH Team debuts on two more platforms, YouTube and periscope. RDV called in and told us about the music of the 90’s concert he attended. Terrorism, and foot fetishes. Bobo called in and judged jon for his smoking, and talked about his weird, borderline gay, sexual adventures. Jon’s online adventures. Robyn has ear issues, and ice cream dreams. And Jon belts one out to close the show.

Episode 42 – Look At Me. I’m Twitching.

The Eh Team
Episode: 42
Air Date: 05/31/17
Size: 110mb
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Summary: Robyn and Jon take it to a new level broadcasting live on Podtrash and Twitch. Living wage in Ontario. Robyn is running and loving it. Covfefe. Trump abroad. Jon’s online dating adventures. Dipshit Mike is a dipshit. Krystal in crisis. Billy Bob sings. Robyn belts out a song to end the show.

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Episode 41 – Morbid Karaoke

The Eh Team
Episode: 41
Air Date: 05/24/17
Size: 106mb
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Summary: Robyn and Jon talk about Manchester and their own death experiences. Ozzy Ben and Jerry’s are protesting Australian marriage equality laws.
Italians have painful periods. The origin of the word fuck. Calls from RDV, JDummy, and Chrissy. Bad karaoke is sprinkled between the death talk. A duet from Robyn and Jon. Robyn sings ‘Take On Me’. Chrissy tries to sing. And Wush bats clean-up, Rick Rolling us with the best of the bad karaoke.

Episode 40 – Chrissy’s Grey Pubes

The Eh Team
Episode: 40
Air Date: 05/17/17
Size: 108mb
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Summary: Robyn has a full plate with sick kids and killer spiders getting her eyelashes done and a radio show.
Murder documentaries, Montreal turns 375. The morality of zoos and circuses. Billy Bob and RDV call in to bluster about Trump.
Chrissy called in to play guess the Eurovision country. And goes on to disgust JTMG with gross menopausal facts. Janella calls in to discuss the chat room crashing, and the ‘too big, too much’ flowers that Jazz sent her.

Episode 39 – Welcome To Canada

The Eh Team
Episode: 39
Air Date: 05/10/17
Size: 131mb
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Summary: Robyn has Jon complete the Likability Survey for the people of Podtrash, Krystal calls in and takes a lot of ball busting from Jon, Voitek & Bobo speculate about Howard Stern not showing up for work today, Jon’s son Owen calls in to talk about battling addiction and show off his rapping skills, Jon gives Wush a Canadian test to determine if he deserves to live in Canada.

Episode 38 – Friendship

The Eh Team
Episode: 38
Air Date: 04/26/17
Size: 115mb
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Summary: The Eh Team is back at it for another fun episode. Krystal drama, Janella drama (solved?), a bunch of desperate dudes are throwing themselves at Janella. Wush is Canadian, Floods and fires and patio lanterns. Calls from Norman Livingston and Janella.