Episode 51 – Time Flys When You’re Getting Dissed

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 6/12/2017
Episode: 51
Duration: 116:26
Size: 112MB
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Summary: On a special Holocaust we talk about jvoit’s lay off. We take a call from jvoit’s buddy Britt, and we get a very very “special” call from one of the Podtrash Elite – Juanbon!!!!!! We then end at approx 2 hrs because Britt just can’t take it anymore, thanks everyone for tuning in.

Episode 50 – Welcome to Thunder Dome

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 6/5/2017
Episode: 50
Duration: 116:43
Size: 112MB
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Summary: The Holocaust returns with Jvoit on the run and some spicy news regarding the most recent week of fun on PodTrash from the Cruz master. We get a call from our favorite convict descendant from the future RDV who loves him some HR Puff N’ Stuff. Miss Krystal calls in to give us all the juicy tid-bits of her insane life and we end with Jvoit needing to run to meet his partner. You don’t wanna miss it! Check it out to hear all the crazy news!

Episode 49 – More News of the Meek

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 5/29/2017
Episode: 49
Duration: 158:59
Size: 153MB
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Summary: Another week from your fav nut bags. We discuss the most recent and should be 2nd DUI from Tiger Woods. From TV the latest American Gods and how awesome the pay off is from watching The Left Overs. Also how cool the Pedo Hunter from the newest What is This along with the guest from Chucks Take was. We then have our fearless leader join for the last hour or so and shoot the breeze with the boys. Thanks as always!

Episode 48 – Fake Real News

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 5/22/2017
Episode: 48
Duration: 111:51
Size: 108MB
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Summary: Discussion of the nut job in Manhattan that killed an 18 yr old and injured approx 20 others with his car, the death of Chris Cornell, and HPE on today’s 5/22 Stern show where Janella’s name was said. Janella and Gonzo give us a call to discuss what was aired today along with Jdummy and JTMG giving us a ring. Andy finds some racist clips on youtube and we ponder why this is starting to happen. Jvoit ducks out for last 25 mins or so as his real life comes to get him during the live broadcast. Thanks everyone for keeping it together while Jvoit had to step away!

Episode 47 – The Comparison Heard Round The World

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 5/15/2017
Episode: 47
Duration: 132:50
Size: 128MB
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Summary: Holocaust returns again in its rightful spot, Mondays @ 9pm EDT/EST 6pm PDT/PST. We have a call from jvoit’s sister and do a comparison of Chuck’s Takes Episode 51, jvoit’s edit VS. Boon’s edit, as jvoitek has acted like a real jerk for all of this, sorry everyone. Thank you all for tuning in!

Episode 46 – The Audio Clipping Special

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 5/8/2017
Episode: 46
Duration: 111:45
Size: 108MB
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Summary: Holocaust begins sounding great for about the first 20 mins, Chuck then complains in chat that he can’t hear so the gain is increased, then no one tells me it’s clipping like crazy, maybe it wasn’t doing it live but now the file sounds like crap, enjoy a horrible sounding holocaust, no more audience complaints about “low” volume will be addressed, sorry everyone. Andy continues to speak over everyone as well, fun fun.

Episode 45 – Battle of the Buldge

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 5/7/2017
Episode: 45
Duration: 134:08
Size: 129MB
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Summary: The Holocaust takes on the hottest topic of the moment, we are joined by the Lego Headed problem creator along with Andy Cruz, Some guy that we aren’t allowed to speak his name from MA, ChuckSteak, JazzMaster, and our fearless leader Wush. This is the last time we’ll be mentioning the lego man and we thank you all for your time and opinions.

Episode 44 – Welcome Back Cruzy

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 5/2/2017
Episode: 44
Duration: 123:21
Size: 118MB
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Summary: Back after a week hiatus due to work travel for jvoit, we discuss our current favorite TV shows and give a couple suggestions, we express how much we miss the Spoiler Junkies. Andy is ready and looking for a new place to live and we talk about the housing bubble burst and the pros/cons of renting vs owning, or more like renting to own from a bank. We love you!

Episode 43 – We am is all betters

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 4/18/2017
Episode: 43
Duration: 120:55
Size: 116MB
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Summary: Andy has risen from the dead! We discuss the weeks events of podtrash, we get a call from our fearless leader WushDishMaster. We then entice BoBoFromCA to call in and give us an update on his travels and what his current situation is along with a HPE update! BoBo plans on adding a biweekly show to the network every Thursday and Friday morning, show some support you animals! Thank you all for your time as we rock out another week on the best network da intarweewbs has to offer …… podtrash.com!!!

Episode 42 – Whatever

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 4/11/2017
Episode: 42
Duration: 64:01
Size: 62MB
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Summary: Andy is ill. Enjoy jvoit talking to himself for an hour with some agreements and coughs thrown in.