Episode 44 – Welcome Back Cruzy

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 5/2/2017
Episode: 44
Duration: 123:21
Size: 118MB
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Summary: Back after a week hiatus due to work travel for jvoit, we discuss our current favorite TV shows and give a couple suggestions, we express how much we miss the Spoiler Junkies. Andy is ready and looking for a new place to live and we talk about the housing bubble burst and the pros/cons of renting vs owning, or more like renting to own from a bank. We love you!

Episode 43 – We am is all betters

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 4/18/2017
Episode: 43
Duration: 120:55
Size: 116MB
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Summary: Andy has risen from the dead! We discuss the weeks events of podtrash, we get a call from our fearless leader WushDishMaster. We then entice BoBoFromCA to call in and give us an update on his travels and what his current situation is along with a HPE update! BoBo plans on adding a biweekly show to the network every Thursday and Friday morning, show some support you animals! Thank you all for your time as we rock out another week on the best network da intarweewbs has to offer …… podtrash.com!!!

Episode 42 – Whatever

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 4/11/2017
Episode: 42
Duration: 64:01
Size: 62MB
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Summary: Andy is ill. Enjoy jvoit talking to himself for an hour with some agreements and coughs thrown in.

Episode 41 – Cruzing back into Control

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 41
Duration: 124:10
Size: 120MB
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Summary: Andy is back with the Holocaust as we go for the first time in our normal time slot with a perfect software mixing setup. Andy is running a little late as something must always go slightly wrong with our little show. We chat about the most recent events on the site and give our opinions on how to make things slightly better around here. Things start to get better for jvoit with work as he finds his niche and calms down. Thanks for joining us!

Episode 40 – Pre HPE w/Royalty and Cruz!!

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 40
Duration: 89:53
Size: 86MB
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Summary: The Holocaust has mastered the art of software only broadcasting by utilizing 2 pieces of software for Windows and they are … **1=Mixxx and 2=VAC (Virtual Audio Cable)** I’ll write up a how to with all nuanced settings that is required to get as best quality as possible. We do a lil something something before the HPE show kicks off on the eve of fools. An old friend Sir Johan Boonington calls in to discuss a couple hot topics of the day, he sounds fresh and ready to take on the world as he slowly begins to reject technology. Andy calls in several times as he’s “Ubering” about the Bakersfield area, crushing hearts and cream puff tarts!!! All is well for the moment as we enjoy about 90mins with friends. I love you!

Episode 39 – No Cruz Control

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 39
Duration: 99:25
Size: 124MB
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Summary: Andy Cruz is busy so Jvoit invites an old friend to shoot the shit. We discuss jvoit’s overly good childhood and reminisce about the past.

Episode 38 – The first week without a hitch in a while

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 38
Duration: 125:34
Size: 94MB
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Summary: We finally have a couple hour conversation without constant technical problems. Jdummy calls in to shoot the breeze with your happy hosts. Jvoit talks about finally getting a new car after destroying his last one on accident. All is well for once!!!!

Episode 37 – Another week of BS ugh

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 37
Duration: 156:47
Size: 150mb
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Summary: Show audio issues are finally down to just jvoit not selecting the right stuff at the right time, no jvoit for the first 5 mins cuz he’s being stupid, sounding much better after we got rid of Andy’s mixer, thank god!!!!! We discuss what gets under our skin, Andy goes on a rant about other shows, and we are joined by Chuck Steak and Robyn now that jvoit has control of the skype call in #, hoo-ray! Then things go south for the last 15 mins as the machine the show is recording from decides it had enough internet for the day and stops accepting packets, just another week for the holocaust, always something wrong, guaranteed! We had a good time and things sounded great besides what you can’t hear.

Episode 36-This Better Work or Else!

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 36
Duration: 121
Size: mb 92
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Summary: Andy got a new router, things sound better. Minor reverb, Andy swears he is getting a new mixer and wants one last chance to fix it. If it doesn’t we are removing the mixer for good and he’s going to direct USB headset that I will send him. Thanks for dealing with the insanity, besides this we discuss the weeks news, the make ups and break ups as of recent on podtrash and our friend Gruse gives us a call to say hello as we sail through 2 hrs.

Episode 35 – Why does this keep happening?

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 35
Duration: 61:18
Size: 59mb
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Summary: Show sounds like shit as my cohost has ping times over 100ms and we can only get every other word that is said by Andy, this is probably the last show. Enjoy 60 mins of pure unlistenable garbage.