Episode 01 – Take a Cruz with Andy

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 01
Duration: 176:53
Size: 255mb
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Summary: Andy records us a Cruz cast as he takes to the streets for his first episode, what a CruzCast it will be!!!

Episode 33 – Still here

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 33
Duration: 184:17
Size: 177mb
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Summary: The holocaust comes back for another week of torture. We talk about what the real problems in Jvoit’s life is or we discuss how Jvoit is the real problem in others lives. Janella joins us for the 2nd half which I’m sure is Andy Cruz’s doing. Then the Lego headed Gent says hello and our favorite conspiracy theorist calls in to let us know that Trump will never do anything wrong and eases our fears in a twist of fate. High fives hugs and kisses to all!

P.S. – Recording of this came out not so perfect, I have a better recording process for the future.

Episode 32 – It Got Better

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 32
Duration: 63:02
Size: 60.5mb
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Summary: We return once again and open our week with the current PT drama and what is posted on the gash side of things. Is the the end of Wush and Boon? We don’t know, don’t you?!?! We shoot the shiz as we chit chat about how life has changed over the last 7 days, join us shallent ya’ll?!?!?

Episode 31 – It Got Worse

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 31
Duration: 46:30
Size: 45mb
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Summary: Andy decided to put his mixer back into the “mix” now it’s reverb city. Jvoit pretends to be able to deal with it for about 40 mins then loses his mind. If Andy throws his mixer in the garbage, connects his mic/headset directly to his computer again we will be able to do a show again next week, if not there isn’t much point in doing this anymore.

Thanks for listening to the worst show on the network!

Episode 30 – These Guys Sound Worse Than Ever

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 30
Duration: 73:21
Size: 71Mb
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Summary: Podtrash carousel has had some changes made that has left some members questioning the status or future of the Technical Holocaust, after being explained to Jvoitek by Wush via txt message that it’s in no way a cancellation simply a statement, that statement being “Technical Holocaust” sounds like crap and doesn’t represent Podtrash, therefore only items on the carousel truly sound awesome and move the “Podtrash” brand in a more betterer direction and the Holocaust only hinders. Jvoit & Andy Cruz discuss this most recent development and try to figure out how 128kbps vs another file recorded @ 128kbps “sound” any different. Is this the end of TH? Who knows?!?!??!?!?!

Episode 29 – Cool Beans

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 29
Duration: 155:24
Size: 149mb
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Summary: Back again after doing ep 28 just a day prior planned on ending after only 30 mins but Andy Cruz setup a special guest for our pleasure as we blast through 2 and 1/2 hrs with an old friend.

Episode 28 – Technical Take

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 28
Duration: 179:43
Size: 172mb
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Summary: The Holocaust fills in for the Chucky Take and to say goodbye to our fallen friend Joey Boots

Episode 27 – 1 Hour is all You’re Worth!

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 27
Duration: 62:40
Size: 60mb
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Summary: Holocaust returns for another week of jvoit not being in his real apartment yet, it’s all done signed and paid for just need to get cable modem rocking on Wednesday and then next week will be better as freedom will be once again in jvoit’s grasp. Andy got his 4000th Uber rider! Congrats to the Cruz master!!!! We attempt to let Gruse call in but it makes jvoit pull his hair out and and give up, maybe next week we can complete a call. Goodnight all you awesome people, you princess and princesses of podtrash, gods walking among men, you peddlers of power, YOU are the true owners of the Earth.

I love you and bless you with high fives hugs and kisses.

Episode 26 – Let’s Make Booney Great Again!

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 26
Duration: 139:08
Size: 134mb
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Summary: Holocaust returns with jvoit tired from moving. Billybob calls in with a great idea! All fat chicks am is belong to Andy Cruz!!!!

Episode 25 – This again?

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 25
Duration: 152:12
Size: 146mb
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Summary: Holocaust returns to another week of drama, Boon is mad at jvoit again, Andy needs more help with computers, we setup the return of his HP laptop that is from the past. We then setup office on his Toshiba and discuss how much jvoit hates computers as the holocaust runs 2.5hrs this week.