Episode 68 – Sleepy Pattern

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 9/12/2017
Episode: 68
Duration: 127:59
Size: 123MB
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Summary: Andy catches another later ride and runs a couple mins late but all is well, we chit chat about current events of Podtrash new/old heros. We get a call from our fav NJ chick Janella and talk some more fun items that I can’t type out or I’ll be judged by God :P. Jvoit’s internet cuts out close to the end of the show and has to use iPhone tether to get back on and then stitch 2 files together, see you next week probably!

Episode 67 – The Marathon

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 9/5/2017
Episode: 67
Duration: 306:55
Size: 295MB
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Summary: The show returns after being taken for a spin on the holiday weekend by some Ducklings. Andy is a little late due to some work he had to finish, Jdummy gives Jvoit a call up front to help out until Andy is able to join and provides an awesome clip of an Irish family trying to remove a bat from their kitchen, I also discuss the burning man at “Burning Man”, odd! I then get a call from friend of the show Monotone Matt and he hangs with Jvoit until Andy is able to join, the boys have a good time and when you think things just can’t get any better our other friend Janella gives us a call! We then rock it out into overtime as Andy decides he really needs to eat, also he was waiting for Destiny 2 that was “supposed” to start working on Xbox One @ Midnight EDT 9/6/2017, big surprise it didn’t start working at the time promised, thanks as always Microsoft, you’re the best. After Andy takes off we get a call from Jdummy again and he explains the correct version of how he found “Big Jim/Dave” on Twitter for Janella and Jvoit, we attempt to give the cool dude a call but end up with just being able to leave a voicemail. We leave the night with our favorite sign off – High Fives, Hugs, & Kisses, see you next week (probably) folks!

Episode 66 – DJ DUCK and Pals!

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 9/3/2017
Episode: 66
Duration: 98:28
Size: 95MB
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Summary: DJ Duck and her Duckling Pal give you another show for the labor day weekend, about 90 mins of kids being goofs, not sure this is going to happen again for a long time or not but enjoy if you would like!

Episode 65 – Staring DJ DUCK!

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 9/2/2017
Episode: 65
Duration: 126:02
Size: 121MB
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Summary: As it looked like “Podtrash Party Line” was not going to happen tonight DJ DUCK decides to take over the air waves and kick some butt! Jvoit’s kiddo puts on her first show as she lets MoldyBread hang as her cohost for the evening and a super fun time is had by all! GUACAMOLE…

Episode 64 – The Dissathon

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 8/29/2017
Episode: 64
Duration: 160:24
Size: 154MB
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Summary: We begin with a getting on the air diss, then continue to be dissed repeatedly by Skype (So glad I upgraded it today… Thanks Microsoft). We chat about the dream jvoit had about a trip him and Wush took, the times we’ve had our ass beat as kids and why jvoit won’t put his hands on his kids. We get a checkin from Monotone Matt until Skype decides we aren’t allowed to talk to him anymore, then we get a couple other random calls as Skype will allow (Brian is mad at me cuz even he couldn’t get through). Our buddy GRUSE got lucky and was able to get through and say hello towards the end of the show. And finally we have a call from the newest member of PodTrash Ms. Quinn of @FCRShow fame and now the cohost of “The US EH Team” with the lovely Mrs. Podtrash Robyn! Catch them Wednesday nights starting @ 9pm EST/EDT. Overall it was a good show but Skype decided to be evil, I think everyone needs to update or downgrade or we just need a new solution for speaking to each other all together because it’s just getting out of hand with Skype already. High Fives, Hugs, and Kisses!

Episode 63 – The Sober Quartet

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 8/22/2017
Episode: 63
Duration: 144:05
Size: 139MB
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Summary: The boys get back together again but this week they are all sober and it makes for a much better conversation. We discuss someone that we aren’t allowed to talk about unless they are present along with some of the most recent PodTrash drama and the changes that have been taking place as of late.

Episode 62 – Off The Rails

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 8/15/2017
Episode: 62
Duration: 121:35
Size: 117MB
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Summary: The Holocaust begins again on its new old time slot and wow does it get a bit “weird”….. Andy and jvoit are joined by Monotone Matt and “Brian”. Things get a lil odd between Brian and Matt. All topics brought up end up going to a wacky place and man oh man is it 2 hrs of fun. Enjoy!

Episode 61 – MonoTone Holocaust

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 8/11/2017
Episode: 61
Duration: 121:27
Size: 117MB
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Summary: MonoTone Matt was on towards the end of the GonzoShitCock show tonight 8/11/17 and everyone was interested in having MonoTone keep things going in lieu of “What Is This?”, since Wush was ready to hit the sack Jvoit offered to let Matt call his Skype and rock it out live on PodTrash.com for a bit. Matt and Jvoit have 2 hrs of fun convo and is invited to call the Holocaust again this coming Tuesday 8/14/17 between 9pm and 11pm EDT if he desires as Andy and Jvoit settle back in to their new old time slot.

Episode 60 – Technical Summer Slam

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 8/10/2017
Episode: 60
Duration: 168:42
Size: 162MB
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Summary: The Holocaust returns with a reunion of Andy and Jvoit!!! The heats gets turned up on the Technical Summer Slam as The Beast from the East battles the Neutron Bomb from the North!!! Wush and Chucksteak have it out in what might be their final showdown as Jvoit and Andy refuse to take sides, and no one is going to tell me who I can like or not like as a wise man once told me. I love you all, please make Mommy and Daddy stop fighting, boo hoo.

Episode 59 – Political Mental Deficiency

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 8/6/2017
Episode: 59
Duration: 142:40
Size: 137MB
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Summary: After waiting for my guest cohost longer than I should have Robyn does the show a favor and calls jvoit to get things kicked off, we are then joined by Britt and things get “very” interesting for a couple hours, fun was had by all but describing this insanity is beyond my abilities, enjoy 2.5 hrs of… stuff, yea stuff…! Thanks everyone.