Episode 22 – Tan Mom

Episode: 22
Duration: 2:24:46
Size: 133mb
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Summary: A drunken Tan Mom calls to discuss various topics of madness. Prepare to have your ears bleeding.

Episode 21 – John The Magic Guy

Episode: 21
Duration: 2:04:23
Size: 113mb
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Summary: John The Magic Guy calls in to talk about the Stern Show.  Bob Levy refuses to come on the show.

Episode 20 – Test Show

Episode: 20
Duration: 57:54
Size: 53mb
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Summary: Maxxxwell and Zach test out the new Mac studio setup to see how things work out.  We’re almost at the light at the end of the tunnel.

Episode 19 – Tan Matt, Doc Ivan, Gonzoshitcock

Episode: 19
Duration: 2:52:24
Size: 113mb
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Summary: Tan Matt from Twitter calls in to discuss his tweets.  Then Gonzoshitcock and Doc Ivan join the show.

Episode 18 – Cristina Palumbo, Ass Napkin Ed, Gonzo, Joey Boots

 Episode: 18
Duration: 2:02:15
Size: 113mb
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Summary: Cristina Palumbo from the Jay Thomas Show calls in to discuss her experience on September 11.  Later we get a call from Joey Boots, Gonzoshitcock, and Ass Napkin Ed.  Towards the end.  Joey and Maxxxwell get into a heated argument over private phone numbers being shared which threatens the future of The Joey Boots Show.

Episode 17 – Studio Test 3, Joey Boots, Eric The Midget Facts

 Episode: 17
Size: 89mb
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Summary: Technical difficulties and improper modulation. Despite that the creator of Eric The Midget Facts calls in to discuss his Twitter account.

Episode 16 – Studio Test 2, Joey Boots

 Episode: 16
 Size: 134mb
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Summary: Some technical hiccups with the audio and phone system. But overall it turned into a pretty decent show. The kinks will be worked out over time. Joey Boots calls in.

Episode 15 – Studio Test 1, Elephant Boy

 Episode: 15
 Size: 97mb
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Summary: We test out the new equipment with an interview from Elephant Boy who has a problem with High Pitch Erik. We discuss Stern Universe’s move to Podtrash and get a call from Gonzoshitcock who announces his new upcoming show.

Episode 14 – Mariann from Brooklyn, Joey Boots

 Episode: 14
 Size: 27mb
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Summary: Joey Boots joins to talk about his new show. Later Mariann from Brooklyn calls in to talk about dinner with High Pitch and challenge Gonzoshitcock to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Episode 13 – Joey Boots, High Pitch Eric

 Episode: 13
 Size: 27mb
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Summary: Joey Boots and High Pitch Eric join the show.  Joey speaks about his upcoming show and Maxxxwell talks about an upcoming guest who reads Eric The Midget Facts.