Episode 28 – Punching Through Your Doughy Face

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 28
Air Date: 08/14/17
Duration: 143:31
Size: 138mb
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Summary: PCE is back for the fastest two hours on Podtrash. Max & Ted discuss a variety of current events, Podtrash drama and Max going to Twitter jail for mean words. We give Canada a break this week and focus on Charlottesville, Charlottesville and more Charlottesville. The big shots at Cheetos have lost their damn mind. Chicago is a warzone. The internet is some fucked up shit. Some fighting and drinking stories. Some rants and raves. Frankie “the weather guy” MacDonald delivers his report. **WE ARE LIVE MONDAY’S AT 8PM EST AT PODTRASH.COM.** [email protected]

Episode 27 – Snuffleupagus Cock

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 27
Air Date: 08/07/17
Duration: 134:35
Size: 129mb
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Summary: Max & Ted are back and cover a variety of topics including switching PCE to Monday’s as well as two weeks off and Ted’s move to Orange County. DMT partying, Calexit and the tranny army, guevedoces with a side of penis at 12, and you cant kill attempted murderers in your own house In this week’s edition of ‘Canada is fucked’. Frankie “the weather guy” is here on our new night and did his always anticipated report. @PorkChopPodcast

Episode 26 – The Jooz is Loose

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 26
Air Date: 07/22/17
Duration: 147:28
Size: 141mb
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Summary: Max & Ted are here for a Saturday show instead of their regular time on Thursday. The guys discuss the possible change of the live show air day and time as well as current events. Detective Nordburg is free again and headed to the golf course, R. Kelly is still raping…errrrrr rapping, Ben Shapiro offers feminazis kid an intern position, Moooooooooooch is a secret handshaking mofo, dead white Minnesota women, adios Chester Bennington and your posh name, plus lots more. No call from Frankie “the weather guy” this week because we are assholes who forgot to tell him about the show time change. Chucksteak called in second part of the show and we discussed the jooz, Aurora anniversary & false flags, our government controlled food and water supply and various other topics.

**Please check our Twitter @porkchoppodcast for upcoming show times as our schedule will be varied the next few months.**

Episode 25 – Sausage Sizzle

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 25
Air Date: 07/13/17
Duration: 217:04
Size: 208mb
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Summary: The PCE has been around for 25 shows and there is no stop in sight. Max & Ted talk a variety of topics with free speech being upheld and snowflakes melting away. Canada gives millions to murderers, Negretude is coming back holmes, 9/11 was an inside job, Blink One Eighty Jew, sausage and ass less chaps and all kinds of ill shit. Calls and conversations with Frankie “the weather guy”, Bobo from CA & RDV.

Episode 24 – Weaponized Dennis Rodman

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 24
Air Date: 07/06/17
Duration: 120:48
Size: 116mb
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Summary: PCE 24 is here, and just like a case of brews, we’re sure to get you drunk. (Red pill drunk) Max & Ted cover the gambit of current topics and take calls from the listeners. Chris Christie is a whale of an asshole, Canadian gender fluid doesn’t wash out so easy, the Jenner whores are still whores, CNN done fucked up again, Meme War II, Lawrence Taylor got sacked and a bunch of other random foolishness. Warning, there is way too much cock talk this episode. Frankie “the weather guy” called in with an awful connection but still gave his usual report. #beprepared Comedian J.T. Mutt called with a crappy connection to discuss possibly working with The Rev. Bob Levy and told an interesting Shuli story. RDV called in, clear as a dingo, and said G’day.

Episode 23 – Imagine No Communists

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 23
Air Date: 06/29/17
Duration: 138:31
Size: 132mb
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Summary: The Pork Chop Express is pulling into the station and you better have your ticket punched because freeloaders will be executed, Burton style. Max & Ted talk a wide variety of current topics and take calls from the Podtrash community. Yoko Ono has lost her damn mind, anal botox is a thing, Bill Cosby is still a creep, a prison guard passes out and the inmates save him, best prison movies of all time, weekly trump roundup, this week in snowflakes and much more. Calls from Frankie “the weather guy” and the famous Chucksteak stops by for the end of the show to discuss politics, protesters, antifa and all kinds of ill shit.

Episode 22 – Where All The White Women At

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 22
Air Date: 06/22/17
Duration: 173:02
Size: 117mb
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Summary: It’s Thursday night, start the weekend early with Max & Ted as the PCE keeps on rolling. The boys (don’t assume our gender fluid) discuss a variety of current topics and take calls from the Podtrash community. Don’t take an AR-15 to the pizza shop, Bill Cosby gets off…again, CIA contractors have their priorities on point, is the Lone Star tick trying to ruin us, man buns & Barbie dolls, R.I.P. Kent Dorfman, Carrie Fisher liked to party, politics politics politics, plus much more. Frankie “the weather guy” delivers his usual charged report. Chucksteak & RDV call in and talk all kinds of topics for the last hour of the show. It’s clear that some stories should never be mentioned again. **You can find the Pork Chop Express on Twitter @PorkChopPodcast**

Episode 21 – No Gender Fluid In Space

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 21
Air Date: 06/15/17
Duration: 144:51
Size: 117mb
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Summary: We hope your are hungry because the PCE is serving up all your favorite Podtrash delicacies. Max & Ted bring you their opinions and rants about current events, politics and weird news, while taking some calls along the way. Guns & congressional baseball practice does not mix, London is still on fire, someone NOT named High Pitch Erik had 28 lbs. of shit inside them, rich Asians be trippin’, Sessions session, people freak out about Alex Jones, manslaughter charges in Flint, orange Julius Caesar, Nasa shirts are for boys, Uber can suck a dick, Chef Boyardee fucked up, Wendy’s sign game is savage and much more. Calls from Frankie “the weather guy” and RDV.

Episode 20 – Comey Chameleon

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 20
Air Date: 06/08/17
Duration: 155:33
Size: 117mb
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Summary: Max & Ted keep on truckin’ for another Thursday night party with booze, greens and the PCE. It’s a two man show moving forward and the guys don’t skip a beat while talking current events and taking calls. Bill Cosby loves Brass Monkey, Bill Maher is a house nigga, mispelled porn of the U.S.A., London’s burning, bed bug terrorism, Hank Jr. Returns to Monday Night Football, James Comey pub crawl, Multi Death Corporations and a lot more. Calls from Frankie “the weather guy”, Blake from L.A., RDV and Chucksteak.

Episode 19 – Beach Blanket Vasectomy

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 19
Air Date: 06/01/17
Duration: 125:33
Size: 117mb
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Summary: The Pork Chop Express is gassed up and ready for another Thursday night at Podtrash.com. Covfefe. Max, Zach and Ted take calls and cover a variety of current topics. Covfefe. Is it art or just a disgusting Kathy Griffin, Tiger Woods and who cares, tiger in zoo kills keeper, Wisconsin can’t spell Wisconsin, horses on the loose, Wonder Woman only, go to the Hamptons and get a vasectomy, Gregg Allman…he dead, people named God(bolt) & Christ(ian) do a lot of killing. Covfefe. Calls from RDV, Blake from L.A., Bobo from CA and Frankie “the weather guy”. Covfefe.