Episode 05 – No Hope For The Bucs

Pipe Talk
Episode: 05
Duration: 1:34:05
Size: 87mb
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Summary: Iran is super cool & really chill, I hate Hillary Poland, caused The Holocaust, Jews control the media.

Episode 04 – Refugee Sausage Fest

Pipe Talk
Episode: 04
Duration: 1:51:57
Size: 103mb
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Summary: GOP debate rub down, What’s up with these crazy women??, I ❤️ Sarah Palin, Jews control the media.

Episode 03 – Black Face

Pipe Talk
Episode: 03
Duration: 2:19:14
Size: 128mb
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Summary: Marijuana laws, Churches and community service, Kennedy family conspiracies, Jo talks news in the UK, Joey Boots calls in and they talk Voitek nodding out on Wush & Boon, Voitek calls in to explain himself, racism in USA vs UK, Black Pete in the Netherlands.

Episode 02 – Bionic Penis

Pipe Talk
Episode: 02
Duration: 1:37:51
Size: 90mb
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Summary: Talking with Jo about England, Country Clerk in Kentucky against Gay marriage, Duggar Family, 9/11 Commission and JFK Assassination, Circumcision, Bionic Penis, discussing whether VA Shooting was a Hate Crime.

Episode 01 – Phish

Pipe Talk
Episode: 01
Duration: 1:54:20
Size: 104mb
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Summary: Zachary Mecier hosts his first episode of Pipe Talk with Max and Jon. Politics and stuff. Calls from Rhassin and PimpmyTweeting.