Episode 10 – Flat Earth

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/25/2017
Episode: 10
Duration: 92:55
Size: 133MB

Summary: Neil is fascinated with the flatearthers and takes us into the crazy world of anti-spherism. Theres even a convention happening and he offers to send someone to go check it out, JTMG calls in to throw his hat into the ring. After a rant about his show not being featured on the podtrash carousel and on iTunes Robyn calls in to fulfill her duty as the VP of HR. Jon insists that Neil needs to be punished but victory is coming and the show will be added to the carousel soon. More crazy shit when a congressman attacks a reporter. He must of been sick of fake news. Finally Neil talks about a cool new movie on Bernie Madoff, and reveals he is a big Madoff fan. Odd choice of words or freudian slip? Who knows.

Episode 09 – Gas Station Weight Loss

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/19/2017
Episode: 09
Duration: 103:03
Size: 148MB

Summary: Some dumb bitch got botulism from eating nacho cheese from a gas station. Might be a good weight loss method. Who really eats food from a gas station? Bobo thinks its a great new form of natural selection. We then listen to some new music since its Friday, and surprise surprise it sucks. Miley Cyrus apparently got sober, and is really hot but her new music is just lame. Shocker. New day, new Trump scandal. Dave from the 408 spits some fire about Trump supporters refusing to get off the sinking ship. Anthony Weiners dick got him in more trouble and he had to plead guilty. Who’s dick hasn’t gotten them in trouble, right? Kick back with a killer Friday show from Bobo.

Episode 08 – Death and Sexual Harassment

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/18/2017
Episode: 08
Duration: 95:13
Size: 137MB

Summary: Chris Cornell is dead. One of the great voices from the grunge movement was found dead in Detroit, he got a little Eulogy. Speaking of death Roger Ailes died also, the former head of FoxNews who was a serial sexual harasser died at the ripe old age of 303. Bobo talks about the fun of sexual harassment, and fondly thinks about Creep heaven. Jon the Magic guy calls in to talk about his brush with the law and a lying coworker who accused him of sexual harassment. Bobo and JTMG both were wrongly accused of sexual harassment and they talk about being wrongly accused. After the break Bobo got a great new job offer to sell vacuum’s door to door. He didn’t take it and is still on air on pod trash instead. More fake news coming out of DC this week, but we check out a clip from the BBC where a guy tried to show up to a job interview but was mistaken for another guy at the reception desk and put on air by mistake. Show ends with a typical motivational speech to pay attention to the world because we don’t want to wake up one day fat, 50, and have not done shit with our lives. Fat stupid and lazy is no way to go through life, unless your on podtrash. Then fuck it.

Episode 07 – Coffee Enemas

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/14/2017
Episode: 07
Duration: 129:51
Size: 186MB

Summary: New week same drama with HPE, no surprise here and Bobo reminds us its the same story as 2 months ago. New music from PSY and Blink 182 get listened to which remind us that music is now dead, but we can now listen to Oldie stations to hear the music we like because we are old. Bobo then talks about Aaron Hernandez and his suicide making him an innocent man because of stupid laws. In a major revelation Robyn calls in to remind us that she used to be a huge coffee enema fan. She claims that shooting coffee up her asshole and talking about it is what brought her and Wush together but she isn’t sure if it really is healthy. Krystal calls in from the middle of a hurricane to wonder if dark coffee stains ur asshole, and we couldn’t get a clear answer. Will coffee enemas and colonics become the norm at podtrash or just make people throw up?

Episode 06 – Elitist Breast Milk

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/13/2017
Episode: 06
Duration: 73:54
Size: 106MB

Summary: Is Ben Stern dead? Howard Stern took a personal day off and everyone freaked out. Since fake news is so fun, and the story hasn’t been confirmed Bobo decides to give a short eulogy to the father of Howard Stern. He plays us an ad for the Ben Stern daycare center. A surefire place to raise well adjusted individuals and future podtrashers. Betsy Devos got booed off stage and Sean Spicer hid in the bushes. Another parlay into the fun world of politics, indeed. Bobo then talks about people who work hard and the annoyance with elitists. People suck. Speaking of which Jdummy and Jon the Magic guy call in to talk about musicals and the price of breast milk. We are classy fucks.

Episode 05 – Coffee Enemas and Cigarettes

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/05/2017
Episode: 05
Duration: 94:24
Size: 135MB

Summary: Millenials are annoying. Bobo’s brain stopped working from his green drink diet and got into an accident while driving for Uber and had to try and replace something on his car. He then went to Home Depot to try and fix his car and watched a girl wait for her drug dealer. He then called his uncle on air who told us about his business and the problems with smoking. After offering to ship cartons of cigarettes to podtrashers they talked about Trump and Paul Ryan giving eachother handjobs. More #fakenews when Bobo claims JTMG was going to do a magic show for Robyn’s daughters birthday. JTMG calls in to set the story straight, because Robyn cancelled because of a puking catastrophe of epic proportions. Will HPE sue Podtrash? Dave from the 408 gave us a live update from Vegas and tells how Erik turned on him also. Lastly its Masturbation May, and Bobo tells us that TENGA will donate money to charity each time you fap. #noFap? or #doITinMay We suggest you fap on.

Episode 04 – The Cure For Aids

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/04/2017
Episode: 04
Duration: 63:26
Size: 91MB

Summary: Bobo didn’t go to jury duty… he claims he forgot but the Podtrash police will be making an arrest soon! Huge news from North Korea: they’ve found the cure for AIDS! Is there a reason we should be afraid of people who believe in Unicorns? TrumpCare was passed in Congress and Bobo thinks were all gonna die but most importantly Tump is a huge cuck. Bobo then announces he’s going on a crazy diet and will soon be shooting coffee enemas up his ass. Is this why he has so much phlem and has to keep clearing his throat? Will he win Janellas heart in the love trice with JizzMasterZero? Well he claims hes trying to get healthier, but he’s probably just too poor to buy real food.

Episode 03 – Who’s High Pitch

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 4/27/2017
Episode: 03
Duration: 157:15
Size: 226MB

Summary: HPE finally turned on Bobo and he was pissed. It was a huge slap in the face but not surprising to anyone who knows the HPE history. Bobo dived into the history of High Pitch and tried to figure out why he was so angry and wondered if HPE would return to podtrash or if he would return anywhere. After being blocked on twitter Bobo questioned what he ever did wrong and took calls from podtrashers who wondered what they had done and where all of Erik’s anger really comes from. After leaving the High Pitch Vortex Bobo talks about attempted Cocaine Cowboys and a little politics. Is Trump going to Mar-a-Lago a bigger drain on the economy than the bad hombres? Who knows, we sure don’t.

Episode 02 – Sour Shoes

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 4/19/2017
Episode: 02
Duration: 157:15
Size: 226MB

Summary: Neil had a wild weekend with HPE in New York, but nothing got him as pissed off as listening to F-List Celebrity wannabe Elisa Jordan shit on Wush. He talked about people who can’t communicate in real life and have no friends hiding behind services like Rabbit, and Blab, and played clips from Elisa pathetically yelling over Wush trying to have a conversation. Wush joins in to add his two cents, after the break Sour Shoes calls into the program. What a guest Sour Shoes was; he graced us with the presence of “George Takai”, “Gary Dell’Abate”, “Tom Hanks”, “Wendy the Retard”… he went nuts. Then we get a look into the world of Sour Shoes as he starts making prank calls. We get to listen in while he calls Shuli Egar, and goes on a 10 minute rant slipping in and out of characters and being an overall EPIC phone caller. After Sour’s epic appearance the boys take a dive into the darker side of life with the Facebook Killer.

Episode 01 – Cease & Desist

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 4/13/2017
Episode: 01
Duration: 212:14
Size: 306MB

Summary: Bobo talks about various topics, Jon The Magic Guy calls in to reveal a cease & desist letter he got from High Pitch Erik’s lawyers for bullying, Wush joins Bobo for the rest of the show to talk culture and being typecast as a Stern fan.