Episode 17 – Asshole Vagina

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 07/13/2017
Episode: 17
Duration: 87:11
Size: 125MB
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Summary: HPE is up to his normal tricks on his youtube channel. He left pod trash for more anonymity, but is now broadcasting his life live on Youtube 24/7 and WITH a chatroom! Bobo talks about Chad from St Louis and the giggle hour while deciding to stop laughing at his own jokes. A plea to Artie Lange to stop using drugs because if he dies Bobo will no longer be able to enjoy all the Artie is out of control stories. Lastly we talk about Jazz Jennings, a transgender teenager wanting to get sexual reassignment surgery but is having trouble because her penis never grew and the doctors have nothing to work with. So what are they going to do? Apparently make a vagina out of her asshole. Yikes.

Episode 16 – The IRS Hotline

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 06/29/2017
Episode: 16
Duration: 78:12
Size: 112MB
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Summary: Bobo does a recap of his call on the SternShow the day before when Steve From Florida got the Bobo name back. He gives tips on how to get on the air on the Sternshow and how to call into a radio show and not suck. Scammers from India keep fucking calling in so Bobo calls back the scammers and then we get a nice listen into the IRS HOTLINE. We Body Shame some former podtrash contributors, and do other things to make us embarrassed.

Episode 15 – Platinum Vagine

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 06/22/2017
Episode: 15
Duration: 57:28
Size: 82MB
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Summary: The show started at an early new time and Bobo wondered if anyone is up and awake. Steve from Florida is trying to get his name back and other Bobo’s around the country are offended. SFF is trying to steal our legacy. Scandal on the Bachelorette with Corinnes platinum Vagine sucking us in… Better Call Saul, and House of Cards kick ass. Fun quick show.

Episode 14 – No Callers Please

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 06/15/2017
Episode: 14
Duration: 84:42
Size: 122MB
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Summary: Things are heating up and a huge heatwave is coming to Sacramento, Bobo feels fat and for some reason wants to forgive Chad. He got a new job and starts next week so the show will be moving to a new time slot. Neil talks about Summer TV shows and Corrine from the Bachelor’s platinum Vagine. We then check out some new music to confirm it still does indeed suck. Rosie O’Donnel then follows us on twitter after asking her to call in… she responded to the DM’s saying she will call in! Bobo then realizes its been a year since he saw a vagina in person and laments for any woman to help break the streak. Will you make the ultimate donation to a pod trash host?

Episode 13 – Podtrash Got Talent

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 06/08/2017
Episode: 13
Duration: 84:42
Size: 122MB
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Summary: Comey is testifying and the world is fascinated. But Neil is losing his interest, so he checks out some congressman who take no shit. JTMG calls in and the guys listen to some amazing performances from everyones favorite summer show AGT. Neil wonders if this chic who is deaf is actually talented or just appreciated because she can’t hear. The guys decide its impressive but she isn’t gods gift to singing. Everyone sounds good on a Ukulele, its every retards favorite prop.

Episode 12 – Fake Neils

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 06/01/2017
Episode: 12
Duration: 69:28
Size: 100MB
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Summary: Neil got a ton of killer new music, so less fall out boy and more CSNY on the show! He loves apple music and recommends it to everyone, he’s still wondering when the checks will come in for his ringing endorsement. Kathy Griffin got people furious by posting a photo with Trumps head, but she just isn’t a great comedian. Norm McDonald rocks, and Neil raves about Norm being the funniest person of all time. Show ends with a fun game with looking at headlines from CNN versus headlines from infoWars. Fake news on both fronts. For sure.

Episode 11 – Gay Bubble-Baths & Pop

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/26/2017
Episode: 11
Duration: 115:41
Size: 166MB
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Summary: We dive into the weird circumstances around Chris Cornell’s death. He was fucking with the lights in his house and freaked his wife out before hanging himself with a beautiful little noose. Big revelation when Neil admits that he took a bath with a buddy back in high school, but claims that it was all because of ecstasy and wasn’t a gay act at all. Gender fluidity irks Neil and he goes into a rant of things he hates, like the metric system and calling soda “pop”. Andy Cruz calls in to defend his diet of ARCO gas station food, and gives us a tip that you can get free food using a scratcher loyalty program. New music as its a new Friday, and Katy Perry has a new almost pornographic song. Everyone has to ice their boners. Finally we hear about the trip to SF to see Dave Attell and the aggravation of trying to print tickets from Ticketmaster. Its 2017 make it available on mobile you crooks. Another Friday another fun show!

Episode 10 – Flat Earth

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/25/2017
Episode: 10
Duration: 92:55
Size: 133MB

Summary: Neil is fascinated with the flatearthers and takes us into the crazy world of anti-spherism. Theres even a convention happening and he offers to send someone to go check it out, JTMG calls in to throw his hat into the ring. After a rant about his show not being featured on the podtrash carousel and on iTunes Robyn calls in to fulfill her duty as the VP of HR. Jon insists that Neil needs to be punished but victory is coming and the show will be added to the carousel soon. More crazy shit when a congressman attacks a reporter. He must of been sick of fake news. Finally Neil talks about a cool new movie on Bernie Madoff, and reveals he is a big Madoff fan. Odd choice of words or freudian slip? Who knows.

Episode 09 – Gas Station Weight Loss

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/19/2017
Episode: 09
Duration: 103:03
Size: 148MB

Summary: Some dumb bitch got botulism from eating nacho cheese from a gas station. Might be a good weight loss method. Who really eats food from a gas station? Bobo thinks its a great new form of natural selection. We then listen to some new music since its Friday, and surprise surprise it sucks. Miley Cyrus apparently got sober, and is really hot but her new music is just lame. Shocker. New day, new Trump scandal. Dave from the 408 spits some fire about Trump supporters refusing to get off the sinking ship. Anthony Weiners dick got him in more trouble and he had to plead guilty. Who’s dick hasn’t gotten them in trouble, right? Kick back with a killer Friday show from Bobo.

Episode 08 – Death and Sexual Harassment

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/18/2017
Episode: 08
Duration: 95:13
Size: 137MB

Summary: Chris Cornell is dead. One of the great voices from the grunge movement was found dead in Detroit, he got a little Eulogy. Speaking of death Roger Ailes died also, the former head of FoxNews who was a serial sexual harasser died at the ripe old age of 303. Bobo talks about the fun of sexual harassment, and fondly thinks about Creep heaven. Jon the Magic guy calls in to talk about his brush with the law and a lying coworker who accused him of sexual harassment. Bobo and JTMG both were wrongly accused of sexual harassment and they talk about being wrongly accused. After the break Bobo got a great new job offer to sell vacuum’s door to door. He didn’t take it and is still on air on pod trash instead. More fake news coming out of DC this week, but we check out a clip from the BBC where a guy tried to show up to a job interview but was mistaken for another guy at the reception desk and put on air by mistake. Show ends with a typical motivational speech to pay attention to the world because we don’t want to wake up one day fat, 50, and have not done shit with our lives. Fat stupid and lazy is no way to go through life, unless your on podtrash. Then fuck it.