Episode 03 – An Artist Respects The Silence & Serves The Foundation Of Creativity….You Suck!

Miami Comics
Episode: 03
Air Date: 10/15/17
Duration: 170:04
Size: 151mb

Summary: JT Muttly and friends raise hell with their third show and While J Hou is in the Philippines scouting new talent Nico Prada will be filling in. Nico Prada from the Degenerate Comedy Crew talks about vomiting blood and touring. We talk about Doug Stanhope not being into his fans anymore or maybe just a bitter comedian. Dan bores us with another story about his teeth. Ass napkin ed calls in and puts the show to a complete halt, while also loosing to Are Your Smarter Then a Pervert. Mike talks about the weather and jerking off to the Big Bang theory. And JT brings in a guest to his studio Dear Ginny. If your depressed and ready to commit suicide then maybe you shouldn’t listen to this podcast.

Episode 02 – Tim Murphy Damn It!

Miami Comics
Episode: 02
Air Date: 10/08/17
Duration: 157:26
Size: 151mb

Summary: JT talks Mob talk and Billy Batts, Mobile Abortion Jay Risk Local and traveling comic joins in and plays the “Fart Game”. Another classic Song “Fuck JDummy” local comedian and headliner Jesse Thompson Takes the time out to talk comedy with the gang. Dan is Naked this show and give us a story about a rape van and a bench while in McDonald’s using their WiFi. J Hou Brings the news. Mike gives us the weather and movie review for American Made. Jeff Lutz our unofficial writer and voice over guy who won’t come on air.

Episode 01 – Down In Flames

Miami Comics
Episode: 01
Air Date: 10/01/17
Duration: 165:42
Size: 159mb

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Summary: JT plays “Hey Gruse” and blows up the billboard top 100! JDummy plays Guess that Position and Wins. Jeff Lutz helps us with the voice Over work. The gang talks about comedy which they know nothing about. Dan Bell Pisses, eats and washes dishes on air. Dan brings on a friend who fucked his girlfriend. J Hou talks about fucking trees in Cuba and brings us the news. J also inquires about cannibalism. Mike D gives us the Weather for NY Cali and Boca, Also, Movie Review of Kingsman: The Golden Circle and his inspiring words of mumbled wisdom.