Episode 04 – Chaos

Krystal’s Pillow Talk
Episode: 04
Duration: 2:58:21
Size: 163mb
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Summary: Booney asks Krystal what the story is with her and Janella and Krystal explains but is interrupted by a call from Brian, who was dating Janella, and the show goes to shit from there.

Episode 03 – KC and Dave

Krystal’s Pillow Talk
Episode: 03
Duration: 1:57:21
Size: 107mb
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Summary: Krystal and special guest co-host from KC After Dark on wrnw1.com, KC Armstrong talk to Dave aka CitizenVine about his life and how he is coping with PTSD from the many years he’s served in the Air Force, what he’s doing now, and he shares his intuition with Krystal and Cathy. KC goes Gay-C for laughs and it’s just an all around awesome session of pillow talking.

Episode 02 – Undies

Krystal’s Pillow Talk
Episode: 02
Duration: 2:29:29
Size: 137mb
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Summary: Krystal is joined by KitCat again and the girls are graced with the presence of Voitek who cams up for them. FUN FACT: Voitek always calls in while wearing only his boxers! There may be a screenshot somewhere? Maxxxwell & JDummy call in and the discussion goes from abortion rights, drugs, adoption, & ends on sex. As per usual. Enjoy the catchy and hilarious songs featured on this episode by Kat McSnatch!

Episode 01 – Pillow Talk

Krystal’s Pillow Talk
Episode: 01
Duration: 3:43:55
Size: 205mb
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Summary: Krystal is joined by Cathy, Static, Nubz, and Andy for Monday night madness.

Episode 14 – Bulletproof

Krystal After Dark
Episode: 14
Duration: 3:56:54
Size: 217mb
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Summary: Krystal and Janella are by themselves as Static is MIA. The girls talk about dildos containing the ashes of a loved one, issue a challenge to the trolls to call in with the funniest bit to win ice cream, and nobody wins. The night closes with Krystal getting schooled on dealing with internet drama.

Episode 13 – Witch Hunt

Krystal After Dark
Episode: 13
Duration: 3:26:18
Size: 284mb
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Summary: Krystal is on her own running the show & it goes surprisingly well. Static reveals his addiction to sound clips, Boon calls in to bash Lee for having fake Twitter followers, Lee calls in to defend himself, Boon apologize and blames Wush, Wush blames RDV, RDV tells awful jokes, a call from Chad, what the fuck is doxing, and Janella describes eating Krystal’s taco.

Episode 12 – Return

Krystal After Dark
Episode: 12
Duration: 3:23:14
Size: 233mb
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Summary: Krystal returns with her own studio setup and runs her own show for the first time. Lots of madness and drunken chaos.

Episode 11 – KC vs. GayC

Krystal After Dark
Episode: 11
Duration: 2:50:01
Size: 156mb
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Summary: Harrison calls in to talk about getting a blow job from a ghost but is interrupted when KC Armstrong calls in to confront his alter ego, GayC. Hilarity ensues. Other callers include RDV, JDummy, Moonchild, and some other guy nobody knew.

Episode 10 – Jenner

Krystal After Dark
Episode: 10
Duration: 2:59:16
Size: 165mb
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Summary: Krystal shares some clips and bits from her old shows, talk about Bruce Jenner, calls from Janella, Jon, and Rock.

Episode 09 – Detente

Krystal After Dark
Episode: 09
Duration: 1:31:51
Size: 85mb
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Summary: Krystal holds a co-host contest, Janella calls in to resolve things with Krystal and announce their new show together.