Episode 158 – Hard Cawx

Episode: 158
Duration: 175:30
Size: 168mb
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Summary: Jackin some hard cawx! Droppin fuckin loooooaaads! WET CUNT!

Episode 157 – Dindu Nuffin

Episode: 157
Duration: 154:17
Size: 148mb
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Summary: We dindu nuffin!

Episode 156 – Boner Battle

Episode: 156
Duration: 124:15
Size: 119mb
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Summary: Chad traps an Afghani boy in a dungeon and pokes him with his boner until he cries. Max is furious and yells loudly at Chad. A heated debate about the moral consequence of Chad bullying this boy with his schvonce breaks out. Chad goes Super Sayan and performs an epic boner smash on Max’s forehead. Max says “you think you’re gonna put your balls on my chin, but you’re not” and yanks his pants down and begins spinning 360 degrees until he takes flight like a helicopter and dick slaps Chad’s head off his neck. Chad’s fatal wounds are attrocious. Zach laughs at how un-pretty both penises were and struts off like a champion forever known as the man with the prettiest penis.

Episode 155 – Who Knows

Episode: 155
Duration: 148:07
Size: 142mb
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Summary: What happened? Nobody knows! The most mysterious show on Podtrash!

Episode 154 – Chuck & Fuck

Episode: 154
Duration: 208:29
Size: 200mb
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Summary: Chuck Steak sits in for most of the show. Discussion about music from the early 2000s leads to Chad and Chuck sharing music they created around that time period.

Episode 153 – Political Heat

Episode: 153
Duration: 120:11
Size: 116mb
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Summary: The political debate gets heated as Max yells over Chad and Zach whispering their opinions!

Episode 152 – Hey Boner

Episode: 152
Duration: 204:35
Size: 183mb
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Summary: What a lazy bunch these turd burgers are. Trump trump trump. Blah blah. Write something Chad you jerk!

Episode 151 – Cum

Episode: 151
Duration: 119:40
Size: 115mb
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Summary: Max, Chad, and Zach take turds on each other until a synopsis is written.

Episode 150 – Boner

Episode: 150
Duration: 177:02
Size: 169mb
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Summary: Max and Chad discuss some bullshit until Max’s computer explodes, forcing Chad to talk to Static about some computer bullshit.

Episode 149 – Penis Party

Episode: 149
Duration: 127:06
Size: 152mb
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Summary: The guys throw a penis party and smack each other in the cheeks with their penises. Cum stains galore.