DummySan – Episode 13

Episode: 13
Duration: 114:57
Size: 110mb

Summary: JDummy plans an exciting show of ‘songs that start with B’ but is pleasantly surprised by a call from the Boff, Wush Dish Meen, on his drive up North

DummySan – Episode 12

Episode: 12
Duration: 86:37
Size: 83mb

Summary: An extra drunk Dummy goes on late to keep live, Friday night radio rolling on Podtrash.com . Pour a drink, rock out, and get dum!

DummySan – Episode 11

Episode: 11
Duration: 49:20
Size: 47mb

Summary: Steve opens up the show on a Monday. JDummy plays both sides of the Crips and Bloods fence. More of the same, music and dumness

DummySan – Episode 10

Episode: 10
Duration: 127:45
Size: 122mb

Summary: JDummy hops on Podtrash late night, after Max and Britain’s Jo discuss #Brexit during an impromptu Maximum Dumness, which found the Dum One over his head. Some classic Jerky Boys but mostly music

DummySan – Episode 09

Episode: 09
Duration: 92:56
Size: 90mb

Summary: Dummy plays a few songs and Milkweed calls to talk some UFC news and memories

DummySan – Episode 08

Episode: 08
Duration: 93:55
Size: 90mb

Summary: “Steve” opens up the broadcast with what turns out to be a theme; songs that start with the letter “A”

DummySan – Episode 07

Episode: 07
Duration: 37:45
Size: 362mb

Summary: Dummy opens up about his issues with road rage and wearing glasses, plays some music including a request from everybody’s favorite marsupial shagger RDV. Usual JDummy between song banter

DummySan – Episode 06

Episode: 06
Duration: 142:55
Size: 137mb

Summary: JDummy jumps on for 2+ hours, feeling good, thanks to some much needed ‘poison release.’ #PillageThePussy. Thanks Mrs Dummy! Dummy takes requests from chat and talks his usual dum bullshit

DummySan – Episode 05

Episode: 05
Duration: 42:27
Size: 40mb

Summary: JDummy suffers his first taste of “sabotage” and is knocked off air as he’s talking something very important…tits. Another mix of music from Captain Dum Fuk. Thanks to Wush for piecing it all together

DummySan – Episode 04

Episode: 04
Duration: 215:31
Size: 215mb

Summary: A drunken JDummy turns on Koala San after Joey Boots (episode 74) and Wush and Boon (episode 104) to play some music. El Dummo teases a state of the Podtrash…and forgets. Mostly music from a guy in his garage…wearing a Lucha mask for no good reason