DummySan – Episode 23

Episode: 23
Duration: 13:10
Size: 126mb
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Summary: A post-surgery JDummy throws down a quickie for the Podtrash community.

DummySan – Episode 22

Episode: 22
Duration: 83:17
Size: 79mb
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Summary: Dummy, having just listened to Wush’s ‘What is This?’ Episode 34 – Malpractice w/ Honest Frank, has a few things to say. Jon the Magic Guy then calls and we touch on the High Pitch controversy,l and share some laughs as we meet somewhere in the middle of smart and dumb.

DummySan – Episode 21

Episode: 21
Duration: 115:57
Size: 121mb
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Summary: After a lengthy break, DummySan returns even with nobody looking for it. JDummy usual with some dum thoughts between songs, killing time until the real PodTrash.com players go on air.

DummySan – Episode 20

Episode: 20
Duration: 93:20
Size: 36mb
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Summary: Robyn agrees to help JDummy call the fake IRS and he blows it. Jon the Magic Guy calls in and teenage stories come up between he and Maxxxwell. A star studded #DummySan that was a lot of fun, minus the haunting childhood memories.

DummySan – Episode 19

Episode: 19
Duration: 34:50
Size: 36mb
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Summary: JD hops on after 9/29/16’s CMZ show and is pleasantly surprised by a call from that tough piece of beef, ChuckSteak

DummySan – Episode 18

Episode: 18
Duration: 49:14
Size: 46mb
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Summary: Dummy does a lead in for CMZ, Thursday’s at 8pm eastern, exclusively on Podtrash.com. Calls to the “IRS,” some wrong numbers, some tunes and questions about grammar and the usual dum stuff.

DummySan – Episode 17

Episode: 17
Duration: 21:05
Size: 20mb

Summary: Dummy jumps on to offer his referring services amongst more Podtrash.com infighting, is convinced RDV sent a bird to heckle him, receives calls from RDV and Jon the Magic Guy and is interrupted by his daughter, who sings Row Row Row Your Boat for the plebs

DummySan – Episode 16

Episode: 16
Duration: 5:43
Size: 5mb

Summary: JDummy hops on for a lead in to CMZ, Thursday’s at 8pm eastern. Comments on last week’s Podtrash.com infighting and is interrupted by his wife pulling into the garage

DummySan – Episode 15

Episode: 15
Duration: 58:48
Size: 52mb

Summary: JDummy returns to his roots…unprepared bullshit. Gives the controversial Farmer Ben an impromptu lead in to his much anticipated episode 3 (Monday’s at 8 eastern on Podtrash.com)

DummySan – Episode 14

Episode: 14
Duration: 95:30
Size: 88mb

Summary: Dummy is joined by Chad then RDV and then ChuckSteak and a Howard Stern trivia contest breaks out. A fun show that Dummy totes as the best so far. #HitThatBomb *Sorry to milkweed for taking calls and inadvertently blowing our chance for the UFC 200 preview that we had planned.