Episode 47 – Old Yeller

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 47
Air Date: 03/26/17
Size: 75mb
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Summary: Alex Jones walks back statements about ‘pizza gate’ in a possible attempt at avoiding lawsuits. Booney puts a leash on a random internet troll, renames him “Old Yeller” and makes him his literal dog. His pathetic whimpering will echo throughout the internet for ages. The recent terrorist attack in England was a false flag. The terrorist was running over manikins, not real people you fools! Paul Ryan is treasonous traitor working for the shadow govt. When the weather warms up the “Faggot Spring” will commence. This is when ‘antifa’ will go full retard and start shooting Trump supporters. Break the conditioning every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST by listening to Chuck’s Take live.

Episode 46 – Ham Planet

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 46
Size: 97mb
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Summary: YouTube drama has been great recently. JonTron’s edgy comments on a twitch stream cause the triggering of many a SJW. Trey Gowdy is unapologetic about “who’s careers are ruined.” in the pending investigations into human trafficking. Do you play the “Booney Drinking Game”? Every time Booney says: “cultural Marxism, academia, juxtapose, intelligentsia or zeitgeist” take a drink. Only the most degenerate of alcoholics can play that game. Amy Schumer is an un-funny, joke-thieving hambeast. We are blessed by many call-ins from friends of the show. Can’t stump the TRUMP!, also MAGA by listening to Chuck’s Take every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST. Praise Kek!

Episode 45 – Lion From The North

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 45
Size: 100mb
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Summary: The boys tip their fedoras to the heroes over at /pol/, who weaponized their autism in a complicated caper to humiliate Shia “Hwndu” LaBeouf. “Based Stick Man” AKA “Alt Knight” defends freedom by snapping a large stick off the skulls of antifa protesters. Chad From Stl. calls in to defend criminal elements within the pharmaceutical industrial complex. Chuck’s controversial tweet, in which he pisses 7 beers on Mellissa Joan Hart’s book, is discussed, and fences are mended when both JVoitek & Billy Bob join the program.

Episode 44 – Deepest Blue

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 44
Size: 83mb
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Summary: The show starts with dank fake news in the form of an inaccurate quote from John Lennon recorded in 1981! LL Cool J inappropriately co-opts white culture claiming his “head is like a sharks fin”. Everyone knows only white people can shape their wet hair into a shark’s fin. Booney is clearly at his wits end when Chuck attempts to cancel the 8PM start, admits he didn’t prepare for the show because he played video games for four hours, and gets drunk…again. Just when things couldn’t get any worse, Chuck defends internet trolls who are trying to gather personal information about them through their uncle “Sydwinder”. This escalates into an old heated debate between the boys. Dejected and exhausted, Booney brings the show to an abrupt END.

Episode 43 – Agenda 2030

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 43
Size: 101mb
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Summary: Chuck explains his disdain regarding our Zionist overlords…again. The Wall St. Journal tries to defame and ruin the career of Pewdiepie. This liberal rag hatchet piece ends up blowing up in their faces epically. The MSM is also fucking up bigly with their feckless and toothless war against Trump. Is John “Skippy Podesta the same man recorded in a highly disturbing piece of audio where a child is being abused? Chuck breaks the rules of the show by getting too drunk and Booney can’t get a word in edgewise. French Canadians used to marinate their bison meat in piss jugs and fart bags. The boys are gifted a rare call from Pat K. who discusses drugs and drunken debauchery. Join us LIVE every Sunday night at 9:00 PM EST. 508-444-2783.

Episode 42 – Tech Shaming

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 42
Size: 80mb
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Summary: The show starts with tension between the boys after Booney flubs his production duties. Aside from Johnny Winter, Shaun “Talcum X” King may be the whitest human being on the planet. Shia LaBeouf packs up his toys and goes home after his gay “art project” gets trolled. He was triggered to the point of assaulting a minor, and getting arrested for it. “Tech Shaming” is a thing people. Be respectful to those who don’t have the latest gadgets, especially to the three people on the planet who are still using Windows Vista. A disgusting ham-beast feminist assaults a man by shoving a bloody “sanitary napkin” into his mouth. Damn motherfucker! If that’s what they call a “sanitary napkin”, I sure as shit DON’T want to see an “UN-sanitary napkin”! Remember, if you folks want to hear Chuck’s Take LIVE every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST, baby I’m cool with that…baby I’m fine with that. Give us a call too 508-444-2783.

Episode 41 – Bigly

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 41
Size: 73mb
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Summary: Chuck shows up for the show hung-over and smelling like a gin mill…bigly. He sounds like a homeless man. The Dems want war, how can we prevent this? Marines hit Al-Qaeda in Yemen, one killed three injured. It appears that they kicked some serious terrorist ass though. The MSM has been carelessly using innuendo relating to the assassination of Trump. Some journalists are flat out calling for his assassination. Why are they not in handcuffs? “Uncle Sydewinder” calls in to discuss UFOs, the military and politics. Adding the new call in number gains the boys a few new callers. Catch Chuck’s Take LIVE every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST. Call in and share your thoughts on the hot-button topics: 508-444-2783.

Episode 40 – MARGARITA

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 40
Size: 52mb
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Summary: Booney drinks Margaritas like Dick Cheney drinks the blood of children. Chuck proves the FACT that Cheney has no pulse and that frogs are gay. Super Nazis reside inside the lush green jungle of hollow earth. Boon continues to obsess over his stupid
margaritas. Katy Perry has pizzagate pepperoni nipples on her extra large tits. Vaccines are bad MKAY. Trumps hair was not stained by hooker piss. Fake news and Hillary’s days are numbered and so are the likes of Chuck and Boon. The Zionist Jews are going to kill us all and Caitlyn Jenner is a monster.

Episode 39 – Fagerbakke

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 39
Size: 61mb
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Summary: Right off the bat, Chuck reminds Booney that using the term “woke” is not permitted on his program, as it is a BLM slogan. CBS radio spins the racist Chicago kidnapping of a mentally ill white man by his four black captors as if it were a bunch of Trump voters who kidnapped a black kid. Booney acts as if he is too cool for Twitter. Chelsea Handler is a Marxist, SJW who represents everything that’s wrong with western civilization (but I sure would love to “Handler” tits *DING!*). The boys talk business about PodTrash and Chuck’s office is promptly moved into the basement mail room. Things take an odd turn as they decide to end the show with a long discussion regarding Bill Fagerbakke; the oafish buffoon from the 90’s sitcom “Coach”. Listen LIVE every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST to hear all the juicy bits that Booney censors from the download version.

Episode 38 – You Reserve The Right To Say No

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 38
Size: 69mb
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Summary: Tempers flare after listening to the SJW ‘special snowflake’ re-make of the Christmas classic: “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. This shit has got to stop; “I don’t like them putting chemicals into the water that turn the friggin frogs gay!” Remember folks, when the alt-left try to force this type of soft, nonsensical bullshit at us: “you reserve the right to say no”. Some young NFL security guard got busted jerking off to the SD Chargers cheerleaders and subsequently ruined his life. The boys reflect on what it feels like to be the victims of racism after watching that piece of shit video MTV put out. Chuck decides that the rest of the show be dedicated to talk regarding mankind’s enslavement by the hands of the “Elite Zionist Jews”. Friends of the show call in and join the ever ensuing hot-button topics at hand.