Party Line – Episode 13

Podtrash Party Line
Air Date: 09/09/2017
Episode: 13
Duration: 119:34
Size: 116mb
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Summary: Robyn and K might be 24 hrs late to the party but, dammit, they brought it! The girls FINALLY get some new cat facts thanks to JTMG who loves Krystal. We learn it’s K’s voice on Shitcock’s intro, Gonzo’s impression of K is played, Gonzo calls in because he clearly loves K, too! More calls from listeners and K sucks a cucumber. Only on party line !

Episode 33 – The Jews killed Clyde Frog

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 33
Air Date: 09/18/17
Duration: 198:31
Size: 245mb
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Summary: *Max is back in Florida after the Hurricane.
*American Horror Story S7E2.
*DACA, hey now don’t dream, it’s over.
*Amy Schumer is still a fat pig.
*Scrapin’ at the scrapyard and various fights.
*Nazi arm band guy gets knocked out in Seattle.
*Ted’s getting a gun.
*”Racist” banner dropped at Fenway Park.
*The riots in STL and what caused it.
*ESPN reporters comments.
*NFL talk.
*Free Speech and college campuses.
*Nobody wants Killary Clinton or her book.
*People burning their MAGA hats.
*Ronald Reagan is here to help.
*Affirmative action.
*Frankie MacDonald weather report.
*Discussions with BobofromCA, Crazy Southerner, JDummy and George from Miami.

100% Free Speech Radio
Pork Chop Express
Monday’s, 8pm EST,

Episode 03 – The Repo Man Code

Ten Yard Fight
Episode: 03
Air Date: 09/17/17
Size: 191mb
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Summary: Ted Trendy & Johnny Five bring you football, punk rock, movies, current events, Podtrash and all types of ill shit.

* Week 2 NFL picks
* The Decline of Western Civilization
* Football Movie Spotlight: The Program
* R.I.P. Legend Harry Dean Stanton,Twin Peaks, Pretty in Pink, Repo Man, Alien, Escape from New York, Red Dawn, Christine, Wild at Heart, Fear & Loathing, Green Mile​
* Colin Kaepernick should be in the NFL
* Fans drop racism banner at Fenway Park
* Germs burns, safety pins and puke stories
* Halloween Reboot
* HPE heart attack special pick of the week
* Ozzie Footie preview w/ Pippa
* Jdummy contributes some funny
* BillyBob calls in to chat

Ten Yard Fight
Sunday’s – 11am (EST)

Episode 58 – High Pitch Wing Man

What Is This
Episode: 58
Air Date: 09/15/17
Size: 150mb

* High Pitch Erik co-hosts the show with Wush!
* Gonzo upset that Wush might be poaching Erik!
* Blue Bloods Trivia with Erik.
* Wush is the undefeated king of Sopranos Trivia.
* Wush is the ultimate wingman for Erik and gets him a promised hand job from a 20yr old female caller.


Episode 17 – Technical Difficulties

The Gonzo Shitcock Show
Episode: 17
Air Date: 09/15/17
Duration: 95:13
Size: 93mb

Summary: Gonzo welcomes his old friend technical difficulties and has to leave the show intermittently to address his mic, High Pitch Erik calls in to cuck Serial Jack’s airtime, Gonzo has a new haircut, Wush and Gonzo argue over content relating to a chubster in Missouri, HPE pitches a Sunday show to Wush and offers to co-host Wush’s show “What Is This”

Episode 02 – Exhibit B

The Monotone Matt Experiment
Episode: 02
Air Date: 09/14/17
Size: 103mb
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Summary: Get a peek inside Monotone Matt’s mind as he takes your calls and serenades you with his original music. Joined by Serial Killer Jack as his co-host, Matt is dared to drink a bottle of his own piss and concedes in the name of financial gain. This is not for the faint of heart!

Episode 20 – Huge Clits

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 09/14/2017
Episode: 20
Duration: 53:44
Size: 77MB
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Summary: We learn that you can make any wild libelous statement as long as you end it with a question! South Park kicked ass, Huge clits are funny. Stop putting chemicals in the water, its turning the freaking frogs gay?

Episode 69 – Nonsense

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 9/19/2017
Episode: 69
Duration: 1:36:17
Size: 131MB
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Summary: Jvoit is pissy and a little out of his mind, insanity is discussed, Andy is there the whole show, Janella joins for the last half, and some people call in between.

Episode 04 – Tits

Podtrash Party Line
Air Date: 09/13/2017
Episode: 04
Duration: 102:30
Size: 100mb
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Summary: The Wed. US Eh team started with Robyn get sexy-fied for Twitch, and there was Vegan talk but not too much, so it’s okay. After we figured out why it was that Robyn was, allegedly, annoying, we received a ton of great calls to include but not limited to, Ted who played a new special HPE sports show clip, and Robyn’s brain, who admitted everything she was thinking.

Episode 68 – Sleepy Pattern

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 9/12/2017
Episode: 68
Duration: 127:59
Size: 123MB
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Summary: Andy catches another later ride and runs a couple mins late but all is well, we chit chat about current events of Podtrash new/old heros. We get a call from our fav NJ chick Janella and talk some more fun items that I can’t type out or I’ll be judged by God :P. Jvoit’s internet cuts out close to the end of the show and has to use iPhone tether to get back on and then stitch 2 files together, see you next week probably!