Episode 63 – The Sober Quartet

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 8/22/2017
Episode: 63
Duration: 144:05
Size: 139MB
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Summary: The boys get back together again but this week they are all sober and it makes for a much better conversation. We discuss someone that we aren’t allowed to talk about unless they are present along with some of the most recent PodTrash drama and the changes that have been taking place as of late.

Episode 18 – Don’t Be Fat

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 08/24/2017
Episode: 18
Duration: 67:03
Size: 96MB
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Summary: Bobo’s back from summer hiatus. We take a walk through the beginning of Bobo’s weight loss journey, and how he distracts himself from reality by eating better and starting to work out. He admits he’s been taking spin classes and fucking loves it. TRUMP! Would any show be complete without a short discussion on Trump being a complete psychopathic cuck? Probably not, so Bobo quickly brings him up and gets triggered hard. Welcome back bitches.

Episode 54 – Night Crawler

What Is This
Episode: 54
Air Date: 08/18/17
Size: 411mb
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* The show moves forward from the recent Podtrash drama.
* Wush exposes Alex Jones “Hot Coffee” as a fake stunt.
* North Korea Backs Down. Kim Jong Un secretly loves America and his missles are nothing more than child toys.
* Hipstering out for old school prank calls vs. millennial prank calls.
* The FACTS regarding Charlottesville Protests. Fuck your conspiracy theories! It boils down to both the alt-left and alt-right being full of mongoloids with no sense of humor.
* Barcelona van attack is the epitome of random terrorism and we need to solve it with absolutes.
* Max calls in and discusses being kicked off Twitter and racial tensions in America.
* Talks about Canada & it’s propensity for being primed for terrorism?
* Wush growing up with corporal punishment and abusive Catholic school nuns.
* What qualifications should an immigrant from a third world country have?
* Chuck From Boston calls in from Mars and fuckin doesn’t know what’s going on there guy!
* Affirmative action is reverse racism. Mindy Kaling disowns her brother Vijay Chokalingam after he writes a book about pretending to be black to get accepted to top medical schools through affirmative action.
* Max and Voitek get into a heated argument over baby mammas and bastards.
* Paulie Shore’s failed career and other people who have experienced Joey Diaz’s Stars of Death.
* FBI investigation into Wu Tang Clan and how hip hop was a perfect self perpetuated cyclical front for the drug trade.
* Floyd Mayweather trying to read.
* Nick Manning and Alex Jones are nothing more than dick pill salesman.
* The most amazing food from Canada and things you can’t get up north.
* Pewdiepie being accused of being an anti-semitic nazi.
* The most bizarre moments from VICE’s documentary on North Korea.
* Wush is proven right about Alex Jones as “coffee thrower” was discovered to be a pro-wrestler/actor.
* Game Of Thrones Season 7 discussions (SPOILER ALERT!)
* Wush’s recipe on what makes a great television show.
* Cutting out negative people from your childhood and running into old friends.
* The battles of chasing a good experience from using weed. How weed ruined The Dark Knight Rises for Wush.
* Business owners that have been fucked out of major ownership stakes and how Howard 101 would be the most realistic acquisition of Podtrash.
* Wush finally switches to a Canadian phone plan. The nonsense of iPhone 7 having global unlocked and GSM unlocked models and people aren’t aware.
* Getting business sponsorship from a local vape shop?
* Peter Popoff being trolled by Wush as he demands his miracle water and keeps getting shitty trinkets. Now sending Jewish trinkets.


Episode 13 – HPE Naps Through The Show

The Gonzo Shitcock Show
Episode: 13
Air Date: 08/11/17
Duration: 121:35
Size: 117mb
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Summary: High Pitch Erik sleeps thru the podcast during his live stream. Farmer Ben checks in after being bastardized from the internet. Monotone Matt and Serial Jack call in to co-host. Svoog Buzz calls in to confront Gonzo. Monotone Matt takes on his arch nemesis Titty Boy. Dino from Masterchef calls in with lady advice. Support the Podcast

Episode 01 – Exhibit A

The Monotone Matt Experiment
Episode: 01
Air Date: 08/17/17
Size: 113mb
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Summary: Get a peek inside Monotone Matt’s fishbowl and watch as he talks about weening off of double penetration by watching quadruple penetration. The sharks enter the bowl and try to take a bite out of Monotone but are met with anti-troll repellent. Shit out a cock in a tube. This is a rollercoaster ride and it is highly suggested that you SEE rather than HEAR it.

Episode 50 – Finale

The Eh Team
Episode: 50
Air Date: 08/16/17
Size: 140mb
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Summary: The feels were in full effect as JTMG bids a fond farewell to The Eh Team. Billy Bob sat in for the show. A kid roasts JTMG. Prank calls galore. Vegetarian talk. Trump talk. Billy Bob and Krystal vie for JTMG’s spot. JTMG’s nearly impossible trivia. JTMG speaks his opinion on Max. Karaoke from Robyn, Jon, and Static. Calls from Jdummy, Gonzo, dirty southerner, monotone Matt, voitek and static.

I would like to thank the listeners and the podtrash peeps for their support for these past 3 years. It has been really fun for me. I have met great people on here who I will be in contact with for the rest of my life.

Thanks to max for putting me on in the first place.

Thanks to Robyn, who has been so fun to work with. You and your family have a place in my heart, and I am proud to call you my friend.

Thanks to Wush, who has pretty much given me free reign to explore and play on his network. He has created a space for us misfits to meet, and I was welcomed into the fold from day one. Wush has to mediate a lot of bullshit for practically no return. And he has put up with my bullshit and I am thankful to him for that. I am also proud to call him a friend.

I’ll be around. And I am not here to rape you.

Episode 28 – Punching Through Your Doughy Face

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 28
Air Date: 08/14/17
Duration: 143:31
Size: 138mb
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Summary: PCE is back for the fastest two hours on Podtrash. Max & Ted discuss a variety of current events, Podtrash drama and Max going to Twitter jail for mean words. We give Canada a break this week and focus on Charlottesville, Charlottesville and more Charlottesville. The big shots at Cheetos have lost their damn mind. Chicago is a warzone. The internet is some fucked up shit. Some fighting and drinking stories. Some rants and raves. Frankie “the weather guy” MacDonald delivers his report. **WE ARE LIVE MONDAY’S AT 8PM EST AT PODTRASH.COM.** ↪@porkchoppodcast↩

Episode 62 – Off The Rails

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 8/15/2017
Episode: 62
Duration: 121:35
Size: 117MB
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Summary: The Holocaust begins again on its new old time slot and wow does it get a bit “weird”….. Andy and jvoit are joined by Monotone Matt and “Brian”. Things get a lil odd between Brian and Matt. All topics brought up end up going to a wacky place and man oh man is it 2 hrs of fun. Enjoy!

Maxxx Special – The Wall Just Got 10 Feet Higher

Maxxx Special – The Wall Just Got 10 Feet Higher
Duration: 211:33
Size: 203mb
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Summary: Maxxx goes live with Booney to discuss the recent events on Podtrash. Wush calls to enter the conversation and no progress is made as usual.

Episode 61 – MonoTone Holocaust

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 8/11/2017
Episode: 61
Duration: 121:27
Size: 117MB
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Summary: MonoTone Matt was on towards the end of the GonzoShitCock show tonight 8/11/17 and everyone was interested in having MonoTone keep things going in lieu of “What Is This?”, since Wush was ready to hit the sack Jvoit offered to let Matt call his Skype and rock it out live on PodTrash.com for a bit. Matt and Jvoit have 2 hrs of fun convo and is invited to call the Holocaust again this coming Tuesday 8/14/17 between 9pm and 11pm EDT if he desires as Andy and Jvoit settle back in to their new old time slot.