Episode 19 – A Losers Loser

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 09/07/2017
Episode: 19
Duration: 67:03
Size: 96MB
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Summary: The world is fucked, Trumps shitting down all of our throats, North Korea is gonna bomb us… but the worst news of all is JTMG retired from Podtrash. What shall we do?Just keep swimming, and probably don’t bet on Connor McGreggor, or on Floyd Mayweather, cuz I did both and still somehow lost.

Episode 30 – That Extra Bone Advantage

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 30
Air Date: 08/28/17
Duration: 144:19
Size: 138mb
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Summary: Episode 30, who would have thought the establishment would allow this? Max & Ted talk current events and hot button political topics with zero fucks given. Lions and tigers and trannies oh my, skinheads like bowling and 2-tone, the boner destroyer will destroy you, PAD UP YOUR HOLE, the whites vs. the blacks & the sweet science, North Korea says hello again with another nuclear launch party. Calls from Frankie “The Weather Guy” with hurricane advice. Comedian @JTMutt calls in for the second half of the show and talks about Shuli, hosting live comedy shows, organized crime and some funny family history. “Jimmy” calls in at the end of the show for some insight on the Mayweather v. McGregor fight and why certain folks have an advantage with their leg anatomy.

100% Free Speech Radio
Pork Chop Express
Monday’s, 8pm EST, Podtrash.com.

The US-EH Team – Episode 02

Podtrash Party Line
Air Date: 8/30/2017
Episode: 02
Duration: 92:45
Size: 91mb
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Summary: Robyn, Billybob, and Quinn host a show of various subjects until one of them steps up and writes a fucking synopsis.

Episode 64 – The Dissathon

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 8/29/2017
Episode: 64
Duration: 160:24
Size: 154MB
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Summary: We begin with a getting on the air diss, then continue to be dissed repeatedly by Skype (So glad I upgraded it today… Thanks Microsoft). We chat about the dream jvoit had about a trip him and Wush took, the times we’ve had our ass beat as kids and why jvoit won’t put his hands on his kids. We get a checkin from Monotone Matt until Skype decides we aren’t allowed to talk to him anymore, then we get a couple other random calls as Skype will allow (Brian is mad at me cuz even he couldn’t get through). Our buddy GRUSE got lucky and was able to get through and say hello towards the end of the show. And finally we have a call from the newest member of PodTrash Ms. Quinn of @FCRShow fame and now the cohost of “The US EH Team” with the lovely Mrs. Podtrash Robyn! Catch them Wednesday nights starting @ 9pm EST/EDT. Overall it was a good show but Skype decided to be evil, I think everyone needs to update or downgrade or we just need a new solution for speaking to each other all together because it’s just getting out of hand with Skype already. High Fives, Hugs, and Kisses!

Party Line – Episode 11

Podtrash Party Line
Air Date: 8/26/2017
Episode: 11
Duration: 155:59
Size: 152mb
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Summary: The girls start the show with some impromptu drug talk then, much to everyone’s dismay, Krystal encourages Wush to share his worst constipation story and suddenly nobody was hungry. This episode comes after the crazy reveal that Krystal has been giving hand jobs for money to support herself and all Robyn cares about is learning some new techniques. So, being a good sport, Krystal agrees to share a secret or two. Robyn remembers a video she saw and plays it. The rest of the show is the girls watching a couple who are really into ass play. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s all about anal and vibrators people! Thank you for watching & don’t forget to tune in next week!

Episode 55 – Save The Millennials

What Is This
Episode: 55
Air Date: 08/25/17
Size: 479mb
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* Wush vs Svoog Buzz
* Peter Popoff needs to be eliminated.
* Big Pun’s Son vs Biggie Smalls’ Son Rapping.
* Max and Wush argue over how to solve crime rates & inner city education.
* Bad experiences with edibles and weed.
* Some idiot thinks he called the Gonzo Shitcock Show.
* New female listener Meredith calls in.
* Krystal calls in to apologize for her comments in chat.
* Giantess Porn, Poppy, and weird ASMR Videos.
* Kids who die in gaming cafes from sleep deprivation.
* Can Wush beat the Guinness World Record for longest radio show?
* Moldybread plays guitar and Wush sings an impromptu promo song.


Episode 14 – Too High

The Gonzo Shitcock Show
Episode: 14
Air Date: 08/25/17
Duration: 127:15
Size: 124mb
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Summary: Im WAY too high to write a synopsis. Sorry Support the Podcast

Episode 01 – New Beginnings

Podtrash Party Line
Air Date: 8/23/2017
Episode: 01
Duration: 138:09
Size: 135mb
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Summary: With Jon retiring from The EH Team the show continues on as an international extravaganza newly titled The US-EH Team. Robyn is joined by Quinn & Krystal to discuss everything American and Canadian and some vagina stuff. The show ends with some awful karaoke by Wush.

Party Line – Episode 10

Podtrash Party Line
Air Date: 8/20/2017
Episode: 10
Duration: 195:44
Size: 190mb
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Summary: Krystal joins Robyn on this week’s show, not as a caller this time but, as co-host! The girls discuss one of YouTube’s most polarizing broadcasters, Amy Slaton. Casper calls in to comment on Amy’s videos that the girls just can’t stop watching and FancyDogWings calls in to hang out but is quickly shut down by Robyn, who is anxious to get back to Amy’s videos. Later, newcomer Amanda calls in and suggests the girls give Amy’s lemonade make up tutorial video a try. Despite their best efforts, neither Robyn or Krystal are successful in their attempt to recreate Amy’s masterpiece. Robyn’s lemonade look came out good, Krystal’s lemonade looked like orange juice. Amanda would later nail Amy’s lemonade look and rub her success in our faces on Twitter. Well played, Amanda. Well played. Thank you for listening/watching, see ya next week!

Episode 29 – Rick and Morty and Nazis Oh My

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 29
Air Date: 08/21/17
Duration: 130:49
Size: 125mb
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Summary: Max & Ted cover a variety of current events and talk about all your favorite politically correct topics. Civil war 2.0, total solar eclipse of the heart, bolshevik no dick, a moistened bint lobbed a scimitar, America is 29% Nazi, can Trump supporters be Browns fans? Calls from Frankie “The Weather Guy” MacDonald who loves hot tubs and girls in bikinis. Monotone Matt called in and laughed a bunch.
100% Free Speech Radio
Pork Chop Express
Monday’s, 8pm EST, Podtrash.com.