Episode 23 – Imagine No Communists

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 23
Air Date: 06/29/17
Duration: 138:31
Size: 132mb
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Summary: The Pork Chop Express is pulling into the station and you better have your ticket punched because freeloaders will be executed, Burton style. Max & Ted talk a wide variety of current topics and take calls from the Podtrash community. Yoko Ono has lost her damn mind, anal botox is a thing, Bill Cosby is still a creep, a prison guard passes out and the inmates save him, best prison movies of all time, weekly trump roundup, this week in snowflakes and much more. Calls from Frankie “the weather guy” and the famous Chucksteak stops by for the end of the show to discuss politics, protesters, antifa and all kinds of ill shit.

Episode 16 – The IRS Hotline

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 06/29/2017
Episode: 16
Duration: 78:12
Size: 112MB
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Summary: Bobo does a recap of his call on the SternShow the day before when Steve From Florida got the Bobo name back. He gives tips on how to get on the air on the Sternshow and how to call into a radio show and not suck. Scammers from India keep fucking calling in so Bobo calls back the scammers and then we get a nice listen into the IRS HOTLINE. We Body Shame some former podtrash contributors, and do other things to make us embarrassed.

Episode 54 – Alone In The Universe

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 6/26/2017
Episode: 54
Duration: 106:34
Size: 102MB
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Summary: Jvoit goes solo and makes a decision to keep it that way from now on. Andy Cruz is fired. Discussing odds and ends of different conspiracy theories this week. Will make things more coherent for next week.

Episode 53 – Dissertation

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 6/25/2017
Episode: 53
Duration: 81:20
Size: 78MB
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Summary: My cohost gets his PHD in “Dissertation”. Billy Bob kindly doesn’t allow Jvoit to drown and we have a nice chat about the birds and the bees.

Episode 56 – Octogenarian Scumbag

Chuck’s Take
Air Date: 5/25/2017
Episode: 56
Duration: 76:59
Size: 73MB
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Summary: The boys lament as Trumps presidency so far isn’t was they were told it would be. Is he just another plaything for the deep state? Chucks hints that he’s no longer interested in doing the show and Booney seems to feel the same way. The Elites are buying up the blood of infants at $8000 per pint. The boys conspire to sell their own toxic blood mislabeled as ‘pure infant blood’. If you do Tai Chi in public, you probably eat rice “the long way”.

Episode 22 – Where All The White Women At

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 22
Air Date: 06/22/17
Duration: 173:02
Size: 117mb
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Summary: It’s Thursday night, start the weekend early with Max & Ted as the PCE keeps on rolling. The boys (don’t assume our gender fluid) discuss a variety of current topics and take calls from the Podtrash community. Don’t take an AR-15 to the pizza shop, Bill Cosby gets off…again, CIA contractors have their priorities on point, is the Lone Star tick trying to ruin us, man buns & Barbie dolls, R.I.P. Kent Dorfman, Carrie Fisher liked to party, politics politics politics, plus much more. Frankie “the weather guy” delivers his usual charged report. Chucksteak & RDV call in and talk all kinds of topics for the last hour of the show. It’s clear that some stories should never be mentioned again. **You can find the Pork Chop Express on Twitter @PorkChopPodcast**

Episode 46 – Black Guy

What Is This
Episode: 46
Air Date: 06/23/17
Size: 212mb
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* Discussing upcoming rapper “C5” interview
* Sharing Johnny Knoxville’s amazing video where he finally makes the ‘KAHLEESI PLEBS’ T-shirt he promised after we interviewed him a few months back
* Crazy reactions to Justin Payne interview
* Rapper ‘C5’ calls in to discuss his track “Black Guy” and talk about his budding career & favorite rappers & the controversy over Drake having a ghost writer & Tupac ‘All Eyez On Me’ movie
* Ex-employee of Justin Payne, Gerry OBrien, wants to call in and expose him as a criminal? Possible Justin Payne vs. Gerry OBrien showdown?
* Podtrash detractors will never stop this train!
* Funemploymentradio calls in for the first time to talk spamming Tranny Porn & Chucksteak claiming he’s quitting Chuck’s Take
* Wush tries to get down to the bottom of the Funemployment/Greg Nibbler mystery
* Chucksteak calls in to respond to allegations of quitting.
* JDummy and JVoitek join in to discuss small dogs vs. big dogs and the frustrations of taking them for a walk and almost getting fucked by gay guys.
* Jon The Magic Guy shares secrets of Wendy’s food being an ex-manager and Voitek praises McDonald’s new “real meat” Quarter Pounders
* VICELAND Story of Die Antwoord’s Ninja talking about meeting Kanye West & Drake
* Better Call Saul Season Finale
* RDV talks Pokemon GO Update and the “Mandela Effect”
* Voitek calls to clarify and further discuss it and how our differing memories may be evidence of two dimensions converging over time
* Heaven’s Gate cult “Exit Interviews” are creepy as fuck but inspiring to Wush as he decides to take notes and turn Podtrash into a Peter Popoff Heaven’s Gate cult.


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Episode 05 – The Reunion

The GonzoShitCock Show
Episode: 5
Air Date: 06/23/17
Duration: 80:08
Size: 92mb
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Summary: Ass Napkin Ed returns to cohost along with Erik and Gonzo and explains why he blocked Gonzo and quit. Ed orders a steak pizza and some other shit happens too.

Episode 45 – Is There A God

The Eh Team
Episode: 45
Air Date: 06/21/17
Size: 153mb
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Summary: Robyn and Jon are back on a bunch of platforms. Callers ask if there is a god, and describe the perfect burger. Billy Bob was a bottle of wine in, and sat in for the show. Ted and Johnny called in to discuss the Eh Team Pre-Show. Bobo called in with a programming change and gaining back the weight he lost. RDV called in just to be Australian. We receive a call from a new listener from Ireland. Jon talked about his dating life. Ted’s karaoke Eh Team debut.

Episode 15 – Platinum Vagine

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 06/22/2017
Episode: 15
Duration: 57:28
Size: 82MB
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Summary: The show started at an early new time and Bobo wondered if anyone is up and awake. Steve from Florida is trying to get his name back and other Bobo’s around the country are offended. SFF is trying to steal our legacy. Scandal on the Bachelorette with Corinnes platinum Vagine sucking us in… Better Call Saul, and House of Cards kick ass. Fun quick show.