Episode 53 – His Name Was Seth Rich

Chuck’s Take
Air Date: 5/20/2017
Episode: 53
Duration: 76:49
Size: 73MB
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Summary: Can we get some fucking answers on the murder of Seth Rich? This murder smells like a whorehouse at low tide. Can we also get some fucking answers on this perpetual MSM news cycle about a so called “Russian hacking” during the 2016 election? The boys think the two stories are tied together and demand answers from our seemingly corrupt investigators. Cronyism and lies: The Washington Post is a liberal rag! FAKE NEWS! Is it possible to engage in conversation with the LARPing trust fund babies known as “ANTIFA”, or are they beyond help? The boys are joined by multiple friends of the show before an abrupt and unexpected ending due to a brief argument about upholding the 2nd Amendment. Listen to these two animals, every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST or the Islamist Extremists win!

Episode 48 – Fake Real News

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 5/22/2017
Episode: 48
Duration: 111:51
Size: 108MB
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Summary: Discussion of the nut job in Manhattan that killed an 18 yr old and injured approx 20 others with his car, the death of Chris Cornell, and HPE on today’s 5/22 Stern show where Janella’s name was said. Janella and Gonzo give us a call to discuss what was aired today along with Jdummy and JTMG giving us a ring. Andy finds some racist clips on youtube and we ponder why this is starting to happen. Jvoit ducks out for last 25 mins or so as his real life comes to get him during the live broadcast. Thanks everyone for keeping it together while Jvoit had to step away!

Party Line – Episode 03

Podtrash Party Line
Episode: 03
Duration: 214:12
Size: 206mb
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Summary: The Party Line takes your unsolicited calls on a Saturday night. Chat with your favorite people all night long.

Episode 41 – No Lube

What Is This
Episode: 41
Air Date: 05/19/17
Size: 265mb
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Summary: Wush doing the show remotely from a cottage, discussing upcoming interview with YouTuber Justin Payne the Vigilante Pedophile Hunter, Wush finally starting the process to become a Canadian citizen, listener calls in to talk about his experiences when moving to Canada, Chuck From Boston and Juanbon discuss lube or no lube masturbation techniques, watching awful Liveleak videos of freak accidents, Chucksteak calls in to talk about being electrocuted and huffing Freon as a kid. Fun times! AS ALWAYS THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO LISTENED, DONATED, AND FOLLOWED! TUNE IN EVERY FRIDAY @ 10PM EST ON PODTRASH & FOLLOW US ON TWITCH.TV/PODTRASH

Episode 01 – New Show Name

The GonzoShitCock Show
Episode: 1
Air Date: 05/19/17
Duration: 61:46
Size: 83mb
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Summary: Gonzo hosts the show alone after Erik boycotts the show for the third straight week. Gonzo wants to change the show name since Erik quits every week. Ass Napkin is on a “Bender from Hell” and can’t make the show. Gonzo’s mom calls in. Gonzo has to leave early to go to a ballet and insists he’s still straight.

Episode 17 – Romper, I Hardly Knew Her

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 17
Air Date: 05/19/17
Duration: 119:28
Size: 114mb
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Summary: Get ready for two hours of in your face commentary as the PCE is fueled up and coming your way. Zach is not in studio so Max & Ted are keeping the express rolling with a variety of current topics and random callers. Male rompers are apparently a thing now, Chris Cornell and his pretty noose, Ferrari vending machines, Bill Cosby loves Spanish Fly and pudding, fat NFL players, James Comey, Chelsea Manning, David Clarke wears a yuuuge cowboy hat, Legoland Godzilla, Turkish bodyguards, #bowwowchallenge and a lot more. Calls from Tammi Tucci, Frankie “the weather guy” and PCE’s very own Zach.

Episode 08 – Death and Sexual Harassment

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/18/2017
Episode: 08
Duration: 95:13
Size: 137MB

Summary: Chris Cornell is dead. One of the great voices from the grunge movement was found dead in Detroit, he got a little Eulogy. Speaking of death Roger Ailes died also, the former head of FoxNews who was a serial sexual harasser died at the ripe old age of 303. Bobo talks about the fun of sexual harassment, and fondly thinks about Creep heaven. Jon the Magic guy calls in to talk about his brush with the law and a lying coworker who accused him of sexual harassment. Bobo and JTMG both were wrongly accused of sexual harassment and they talk about being wrongly accused. After the break Bobo got a great new job offer to sell vacuum’s door to door. He didn’t take it and is still on air on pod trash instead. More fake news coming out of DC this week, but we check out a clip from the BBC where a guy tried to show up to a job interview but was mistaken for another guy at the reception desk and put on air by mistake. Show ends with a typical motivational speech to pay attention to the world because we don’t want to wake up one day fat, 50, and have not done shit with our lives. Fat stupid and lazy is no way to go through life, unless your on podtrash. Then fuck it.

Episode 40 – Chrissy’s Grey Pubes

The Eh Team
Episode: 40
Air Date: 05/17/17
Size: 108mb
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Summary: Robyn has a full plate with sick kids and killer spiders getting her eyelashes done and a radio show.
Murder documentaries, Montreal turns 375. The morality of zoos and circuses. Billy Bob and RDV call in to bluster about Trump.
Chrissy called in to play guess the Eurovision country. And goes on to disgust JTMG with gross menopausal facts. Janella calls in to discuss the chat room crashing, and the ‘too big, too much’ flowers that Jazz sent her.

Episode 47 – The Comparison Heard Round The World

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 5/15/2017
Episode: 47
Duration: 132:50
Size: 128MB
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Summary: Holocaust returns again in its rightful spot, Mondays @ 9pm EDT/EST 6pm PDT/PST. We have a call from jvoit’s sister and do a comparison of Chuck’s Takes Episode 51, jvoit’s edit VS. Boon’s edit, as jvoitek has acted like a real jerk for all of this, sorry everyone. Thank you all for tuning in!

Episode 52 – Powerless Boothe

Chuck’s Take
Air Date: 5/14/2017
Episode: 52
Duration: 106:07
Size: 101MB
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Summary: An elusive and coveted sound clip evades the boys yet again. Please folks help us out: In the month of October 2016 during a speech, Donald Trump said “I say this and I say this”. Chucksteak is the most likable person on PodTrash and Booney is not as hated as he thought he was. The likeability survey is dissected and is decidedly “flawed bigly”. It was a lot of fun though, thanks BillyBob! FBI director James Comey gets shit-canned by God Emperor Trump. Long time connections between the Clinton family and himself are exposed in a Chuck’s Take exclusive. Booney shares his autistic poem about his wife’s chinchilla and the listeners are left feeling confused and concerned. A strange nude man with a ‘yam like chode’ named “Big Jim” is terrifying people on twitter. Powers Boothe dies, not so powerful anymore are you “boothie boy”? Catch Chuck’s Take LIVE! Every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST or the Zionists win!