Party Line – Episode 06

Podtrash Party Line
Episode: 06
Duration: 255:26
Size: 245mb
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Summary: The Party Line takes your unsolicited calls on a Saturday night. Chat with your favorite people all night long.

Episode 49 – More News of the Meek

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 5/29/2017
Episode: 49
Duration: 158:59
Size: 153MB
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Summary: Another week from your fav nut bags. We discuss the most recent and should be 2nd DUI from Tiger Woods. From TV the latest American Gods and how awesome the pay off is from watching The Left Overs. Also how cool the Pedo Hunter from the newest What is This along with the guest from Chucks Take was. We then have our fearless leader join for the last hour or so and shoot the breeze with the boys. Thanks as always!

Episode 54 – Psychic Attack

Chuck’s Take
Air Date: 5/28/2017
Episode: 54
Duration: 114:23
Size: 109MB
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Summary: The boys are joined by independent researcher and truth seeker “PizzaGate Howie”, who has been tunneling the cavernous rabbit-hole of the alleged global child sex/trafficking rings run by the elites. Booney takes a back seat and plays goofy SFX, while the REAL red-pilled theorists tell it like it is. The boy’s ponder life’s little, fleeting “gumdrops & lollipops”. Chuck recounts the time when he received a Trump like “MAGA handshake”. His lily white, soft “Macron like” hand was crushed like a lunch-sized bag of Doritos. Chuck again reaches out to the listeners to participate in a psychic attack; in which they try to kill his various enemies with negative energy. EVERYTHING! is a false-flag, fake news trick by the Globalist Elites! (Accept of course “Chuck’s Take”; which you can listen to LIVE! every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST only at

Party Line – Episode 04

Podtrash Party Line
Episode: 04
Duration: 194:44
Size: 189mb
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Summary: The Party Line takes your unsolicited calls on a Saturday night. Chat with your favorite people all night long.

Episode 42 – Justin Payne

What Is This
Episode: 42
Air Date: 05/26/17
Size: 165mb
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Summary: Discussing the upcoming Justin Payne interview, Erik calls Wush privately to ask to come back to Podtrash, calls from John Booney & JDummy discussing Old Man Bill who dies from a heart attack while masturbating live on Chaturbate, Big Dave sends Robyn a photo of his penis with a knife on it and threatens to cut it off if 5 women tell him to, Justin Payne calls in and discusses the process of catching pedophiles, Wush almost catches some totally random old pedo, Chuck From Boston accidentally admits to soliciting Robyn for photos to jerk off to, Booney leaks some JDummy OC for Chuck’s Take, Justin Payne calls back in after losing connection, Chucksteak joins the interview to ask about politically connected pedophilia and Pizzagate, Dark Net documentary about Sandy Hook, a prisoner who fucks and kills other inmates, and lots more. AS ALWAYS THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO LISTENED, DONATED, AND FOLLOWED! TUNE IN EVERY FRIDAY @ 10PM EST ON PODTRASH & FOLLOW US ON TWITCH.TV/PODTRASH

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Episode 02 – Boxed Wine

The GonzoShitCock Show
Episode: 2
Air Date: 05/26/17
Duration: 122:59
Size: 118mb
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Summary: Ass Napkin Ed joins the show to be the official co-host. High Pitch Erik is on a mental health break, but promises to return. Serial Killer Jack calls in and talks about his obsession with serial killers, hookers and coke. Serial Killer Jack’s brother calls in and asks Ed and Gonzo to hold an intervention on his out of control brother.

Episode 11 – Gay Bubble-Baths & Pop

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/26/2017
Episode: 11
Duration: 115:41
Size: 166MB
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Summary: We dive into the weird circumstances around Chris Cornell’s death. He was fucking with the lights in his house and freaked his wife out before hanging himself with a beautiful little noose. Big revelation when Neil admits that he took a bath with a buddy back in high school, but claims that it was all because of ecstasy and wasn’t a gay act at all. Gender fluidity irks Neil and he goes into a rant of things he hates, like the metric system and calling soda “pop”. Andy Cruz calls in to defend his diet of ARCO gas station food, and gives us a tip that you can get free food using a scratcher loyalty program. New music as its a new Friday, and Katy Perry has a new almost pornographic song. Everyone has to ice their boners. Finally we hear about the trip to SF to see Dave Attell and the aggravation of trying to print tickets from Ticketmaster. Its 2017 make it available on mobile you crooks. Another Friday another fun show!

Episode 10 – Flat Earth

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/25/2017
Episode: 10
Duration: 92:55
Size: 133MB

Summary: Neil is fascinated with the flatearthers and takes us into the crazy world of anti-spherism. Theres even a convention happening and he offers to send someone to go check it out, JTMG calls in to throw his hat into the ring. After a rant about his show not being featured on the podtrash carousel and on iTunes Robyn calls in to fulfill her duty as the VP of HR. Jon insists that Neil needs to be punished but victory is coming and the show will be added to the carousel soon. More crazy shit when a congressman attacks a reporter. He must of been sick of fake news. Finally Neil talks about a cool new movie on Bernie Madoff, and reveals he is a big Madoff fan. Odd choice of words or freudian slip? Who knows.

Episode 41 – Morbid Karaoke

The Eh Team
Episode: 41
Air Date: 05/24/17
Size: 106mb
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Summary: Robyn and Jon talk about Manchester and their own death experiences. Ozzy Ben and Jerry’s are protesting Australian marriage equality laws.
Italians have painful periods. The origin of the word fuck. Calls from RDV, JDummy, and Chrissy. Bad karaoke is sprinkled between the death talk. A duet from Robyn and Jon. Robyn sings ‘Take On Me’. Chrissy tries to sing. And Wush bats clean-up, Rick Rolling us with the best of the bad karaoke.

Episode 09 – Gas Station Weight Loss

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/19/2017
Episode: 09
Duration: 103:03
Size: 148MB

Summary: Some dumb bitch got botulism from eating nacho cheese from a gas station. Might be a good weight loss method. Who really eats food from a gas station? Bobo thinks its a great new form of natural selection. We then listen to some new music since its Friday, and surprise surprise it sucks. Miley Cyrus apparently got sober, and is really hot but her new music is just lame. Shocker. New day, new Trump scandal. Dave from the 408 spits some fire about Trump supporters refusing to get off the sinking ship. Anthony Weiners dick got him in more trouble and he had to plead guilty. Who’s dick hasn’t gotten them in trouble, right? Kick back with a killer Friday show from Bobo.