Episode 30 – Dog Food

What Is This
Episode: 30
Duration: 189:27
Size: 182mb
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Summary: Wush’s microphone breaks before the show and delays it, discussing Jolie’s outburst on the High Pitch Erik Show, Artie Lange arrested for heroin & cocaine possession, Booney calls in to talk about Artie and Joey Boots cause of death being a heroin overdose, television & marijuana talk with Milkweed, Wush remembers warning Joey Boots that he could overdose despite being at odds, worst near death experiences with drugs, SauceOnSide’s depressing comments in chat, sexually abusing Siri after she interrupts the show, talking with Jdummy about how people get so fat, Chucksteak talks about pissing on Melissa Joan Hart’s book and we demand that RDV takes a shit on his book, RDV doesn’t know how to fix an iPhone without the help of a “genius”, Chucksteak shares his heart felt experience about his father passing away and having to take him off life support, Timmy The murderous Jeffrey Dahmer Cat, Kai the hitch hiking hatchet man, how the FUCK can we make some money around here?! THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO LISTENED, DONATED, AND FOLLOWED! TUNE IN EVERY FRIDAY @ 10PM EST ON PODTRASH & FOLLOW US ON TWITCH.TV/PODTRASH

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Episode 10 – Jolie vs Ass Napkin

The High Pitch Erik Show
Episode: 10
Duration: 138:19
Size: 133mb
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Summary: Ass Napkin Ed calls in and calls Jolie terrible names, Erik does another 60 seconds of High Pitch, Gonzo asks Erik about his weight gain and eating habits after Joey’s passing.

Episode 31 – Baby Cannon

The Eh Team
Episode: 31
Size: 128mb
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Summary: A fun show from Robyn and Jon. Crazy winter weather, podtrash gossip and grievances, the girl guides boycott the Trump travel ban. We talk about Snoop Dogg’s new controversial video, different names for vaginas, and the game of RDV.

Episode 08 – Ronald Mc4chan

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 08
Duration: 185:00
Size: 177mb
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Summary: Punch your ticket to the express, the fastest 2 hours of random talk with Max, Zach & Ted. When the PCE is coming through, you don’t want to be standing on the tracks. Photo shoot vs. trains, New York teachers are dumb, grass clippings are not dank, new military PC lingo, hacking for Big Macs, beware the red Power Ranger, a prank call from Meat Truck Mike and lots more. Bobo from California, Frankie “the weather guy” and Chad from STL called in.

Episode 45 – Lion From The North

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 45
Size: 100mb
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Summary: The boys tip their fedoras to the heroes over at /pol/, who weaponized their autism in a complicated caper to humiliate Shia “Hwndu” LaBeouf. “Based Stick Man” AKA “Alt Knight” defends freedom by snapping a large stick off the skulls of antifa protesters. Chad From Stl. calls in to defend criminal elements within the pharmaceutical industrial complex. Chuck’s controversial tweet, in which he pisses 7 beers on Mellissa Joan Hart’s book, is discussed, and fences are mended when both JVoitek & Billy Bob join the program.

Episode 37 – Another week of BS ugh

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 37
Duration: 156:47
Size: 150mb
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Summary: Show audio issues are finally down to just jvoit not selecting the right stuff at the right time, no jvoit for the first 5 mins cuz he’s being stupid, sounding much better after we got rid of Andy’s mixer, thank god!!!!! We discuss what gets under our skin, Andy goes on a rant about other shows, and we are joined by Chuck Steak and Robyn now that jvoit has control of the skype call in #, hoo-ray! Then things go south for the last 15 mins as the machine the show is recording from decides it had enough internet for the day and stops accepting packets, just another week for the holocaust, always something wrong, guaranteed! We had a good time and things sounded great besides what you can’t hear.

Episode 03 – Talk About Dogs

Episode: 03
Duration: 65:09
Size: 78mb

Summary: Comedy, songs, and quirky facts about man’s best friend.

Episode 29 – Snowbored

What Is This
Episode: 29
Duration: 88:27
Size: 85mb
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Summary: The horrors of insomnia and sleeping the day away, Melissa Joan Hart will be live on Podtrash & Twitch tomorrow at 9PM EST, the most amazing breakfast buffet, Wush snowboarding for the first time and a snowboard instructor demands a tip, Missing Richard podcast attempts to find out why Richard Simmons has disappeared, review of ‘Crashing’ on HBO, Ray calls in to express his Podtrash grievances, the real purpose of our President is to distract from the real issues. THANKS TO ALL WHO DONATED & FOLLOWED! JOIN US EVERY FRIDAY @ 10PM EST ON PODTRASH AND TWITCH.TV!

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Episode 09 – No Gonzo

The High Pitch Erik Show
Episode: 09
Duration: 129:27
Size: 124mb
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Summary: Erik is missing Gonzo and so he calls upon two random Stern fans to help host the show with him.

Episode 07 – War Pigs

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 07
Duration: 182:33
Size: 175mb
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Summary: The Express keeps on rolling and we’re picking up Podtrash friends along the way. In true PCE form it was a night of debate, great calls and random topics. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Don Henley must die, Nike hijab yamaka, ICE parties, Garfield’s gender fluid, adults wearing sports jerseys and some rare football talk. Prank calls from Meat Truck Mike and Frankie “the weather guy” returned with his signature high energy report. Chad from STL, Wush and High Pitch Eric called in to talk about the “censorship” that happened on the HPE show as well as the ongoing feud between Dr. Chad and King Wush. RDV checked in as well and caught us up with what’s going on in his neck of the woods.