Episode 40 – Pre HPE w/Royalty and Cruz!!

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 40
Duration: 89:53
Size: 86MB
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Summary: The Holocaust has mastered the art of software only broadcasting by utilizing 2 pieces of software for Windows and they are … **1=Mixxx and 2=VAC (Virtual Audio Cable)** I’ll write up a how to with all nuanced settings that is required to get as best quality as possible. We do a lil something something before the HPE show kicks off on the eve of fools. An old friend Sir Johan Boonington calls in to discuss a couple hot topics of the day, he sounds fresh and ready to take on the world as he slowly begins to reject technology. Andy calls in several times as he’s “Ubering” about the Bakersfield area, crushing hearts and cream puff tarts!!! All is well for the moment as we enjoy about 90mins with friends. I love you!

Episode 33 – One Day More

The Eh Team
Episode: 33
Air Date: 03/29/17
Size: 121mb
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Summary: Podtrash’s highest rated show (with Canadians) is back for another fun filled episode. Laughter, crime stories, Guinness records, moon rocks, singing, 404 Einsteins, and RDV calls from Thai-Land.

Episode 39 – No Cruz Control

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 39
Duration: 99:25
Size: 124MB
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Summary: Andy Cruz is busy so Jvoit invites an old friend to shoot the shit. We discuss jvoit’s overly good childhood and reminisce about the past.

Episode 46 – Ham Planet

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 46
Size: 97mb
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Summary: YouTube drama has been great recently. JonTron’s edgy comments on a twitch stream cause the triggering of many a SJW. Trey Gowdy is unapologetic about “who’s careers are ruined.” in the pending investigations into human trafficking. Do you play the “Booney Drinking Game”? Every time Booney says: “cultural Marxism, academia, juxtapose, intelligentsia or zeitgeist” take a drink. Only the most degenerate of alcoholics can play that game. Amy Schumer is an un-funny, joke-thieving hambeast. We are blessed by many call-ins from friends of the show. Can’t stump the TRUMP!, also MAGA by listening to Chuck’s Take every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST. Praise Kek!

Episode 32 – Mighty Morphin Autistic Lesbians

What Is This
Episode: 32
Size: 177mb
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Summary: Responding to Jolie getting upset on HPE Show, Amy Schumer won’t accept her 1-Star Netflix rating and blames the “Alt-Right” which precipitates Netflix removing their star rating system altogether, not everyone has a beautiful body so stop putting your ass on Twitter, the new Power Rangers film is trying to preach diversity with autistic and lesbian Rangers, Gonzo calls in to discuss the irony with the original Power Rangers cast, Wush clears up what he meant regarding the benefits of hosts being on camera, Paleontologist passionately debunks the conspiracy theory that dinosaurs are not real, the easiest way to debunk a “Flat Earther”, Mars One reality show wants to send people to live on Mars by 2023, Wush talks about setting up a green screen for $20, Wush becomes Zordon and hires Andy Cruz as a Mexican Power Ranger, Wush reviewing kids movies that he was forced to see like LEGO Batman, talking about diversity and that people born between 1980-1990 shouldn’t be considered millennials, how do you get rid of someone who won’t go away, taking some calls, Wush finds a podcaster that would fit perfectly into Podtrash for the first time, Meat Truck Mike calls in to talk about High Pitch Erik Show, BoboFromCA wants to do morning drive on Podtrash, the continuing push for political correctness is at a fever pitch. Chucksteak goes after the moon landing & GMO crops and makes sure people know Bill Gates isn’t just “a happy little dork”. Apologies for the fan noise during the show and I will be fixing it this week. THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO LISTENED, DONATED, AND FOLLOWED! TUNE IN EVERY FRIDAY @ 10PM EST ON PODTRASH & FOLLOW US ON TWITCH.TV/PODTRASH

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Episode 11 – Jolie Quits

The High Pitch Erik Show
Episode: 11
Duration: 138:19
Size: 133mb
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Summary: Erik recaps his week and potential stomach staple surgery, Chad from St Louis calls in, Ed from Las Vegas claims to have fucked 563 women and gives Erik tips, ​Jolie quits the show after the fans cyber bully her and then returns to defend her honor and refute claims that she solicited Wush for sex.

Episode 09 – Barris, Berry & Seizure Triggered Mary

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 09
Duration: 247:27
Size: 237mb
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Summary: Buckle up because the express is going all night with zero fucks given. Zach is M.I.A. so Max & Ted keep on truckin’ with the help of some Podtrash friends. Chuck Berry, Chuck Barris, the continuing saga of Arthur Lange, seizure monkey, Richard Simmons, conspiracy theories, childhood stories and a prank call from Meat Truck Mike. Calls from Tan Mom, Chad from STL, Bobo from CA and Chucksteak.

Episode 32 – The Whaaa Team

The Eh Team
Episode: 32
Size: 68mb
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Summary: Robyn has a raspy voice and Jon is having a crisis of confidence. A woman’s baby canon bit a guy’s goo bazooka. Trump’s tantrum about a 17 year olds pussy. Jon drags the show down. Paranormal incidents on horror movies.

Episode 31 – The Maze

What Is This
Episode: 31
Size: 87mb
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Summary: Impromptu show after The EH Team ends early with somber tones and Jon talking about quitting, imitation is flattering, why certain people won’t be on camera, Shia Labeouf has no sense of humor, Jdummy dealing with some major issues and talks it out with Wush, will we ever get out of the pitch black maze of success? THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO LISTENED, DONATED, AND FOLLOWED! TUNE IN EVERY FRIDAY @ 10PM EST ON PODTRASH & FOLLOW US ON TWITCH.TV/PODTRASH

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Episode 38 – The first week without a hitch in a while

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 38
Duration: 125:34
Size: 94MB
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Summary: We finally have a couple hour conversation without constant technical problems. Jdummy calls in to shoot the breeze with your happy hosts. Jvoit talks about finally getting a new car after destroying his last one on accident. All is well for once!!!!