Episode 04 – Feminazi Yahtzee

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 04
Duration: 135:16
Size: 129mb
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Summary: The PCE has been going steady for 1 month and we celebrate in the usual fashion discussing music, national news and intoxication. Bloody tampons at Planned Parenthood, Guns’n’Roses, Pedo Sandusky, Ted’s dumpster diving stories as well as Zach talking Phish and Russian subs outside his door. Numerous friends called to say hello, including Tan Mom who talked about a variety of subjects, and her disappointment in Max for not being single. Bobo from California called to discuss ride share stories from Lyft & Uber, including an almost hookup with a transvestite, as well as if a hand job from a woman (who turns out to be a guy) is a gay act. Frankie “the weather guy” called and the storm was so bad he was almost carried away. Chad from STL called in and had the shortest call in Podtrash history, C’est la vie.

Episode 01 – Take a Cruz with Andy

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 01
Duration: 176:53
Size: 255mb
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Summary: Andy records us a Cruz cast as he takes to the streets for his first episode, what a CruzCast it will be!!!

Episode 42 – Tech Shaming

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 42
Size: 80mb
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Summary: The show starts with tension between the boys after Booney flubs his production duties. Aside from Johnny Winter, Shaun “Talcum X” King may be the whitest human being on the planet. Shia LaBeouf packs up his toys and goes home after his gay “art project” gets trolled. He was triggered to the point of assaulting a minor, and getting arrested for it. “Tech Shaming” is a thing people. Be respectful to those who don’t have the latest gadgets, especially to the three people on the planet who are still using Windows Vista. A disgusting ham-beast feminist assaults a man by shoving a bloody “sanitary napkin” into his mouth. Damn motherfucker! If that’s what they call a “sanitary napkin”, I sure as shit DON’T want to see an “UN-sanitary napkin”! Remember, if you folks want to hear Chuck’s Take LIVE every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST, baby I’m cool with that…baby I’m fine with that. Give us a call too 508-444-2783.

Episode 06 – Super Bowl

The High Pitch Erik Show
Episode: 06
Duration: 89:52
Size: 86mb
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Summary: High pitch, Gonzo, and Jolie discuss last week’s Super Bowl. Erik explains why he got so mad at Gonzo he almost quit the show. Jolie decides to help Erik oversee his medical care.

Episode 25 – Semen Pride

What Is This
Episode: 25
Duration: 131:00
Size: 126mb
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Summary: Wush is joined by Static, Donald Trump’s Hilarious Handshake with Japanese Prime Minister, Shia LaBeouf Art Installation Shut Down, Wush and Static have to defend their new haircuts, Wush’s vacation in Key Biscayne, Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump on SNL, Examining Static’s Sperm Results and talking about planning to have his first child, Spoiled Kids Cringe Compilations, Alex Jones on the Joe Rogan Experience, Chucksteak gives three reasons why he believes Donald Trump is a great President, Artie Lange trashing Howard Stern again and why the evolution of the Stern Show may be politically charged, Most Bad Ass Kid ever video.

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Episode 03 – Triple Lindy

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 03
Duration: 173:32
Size: 166mb
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Summary: The Pork Chop Express keeps rolling on as Zach travels to the swamps of Florida to visit Max in studio 420, while Ted is left to suffer in California. The boys discuss weird news of the week including the “Harambe Cheeto” that sold for 100K and people with bugs stuck in their head. Favorite foods, massive clits, legendary comedians, dungeons & dragons, huge ashtrays and our first sexual experiences. Nostalgia sets in as we talk shredding and BMX stories of our youth. Frankie “the weather guy” calls in.

Episode 05 – Gurgle

The High Pitch Erik Show
Episode: 05
Duration: 145:08
Size: 139mb
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Summary: High Pitch Erik, Jolie, and Gonzo take your calls and answer questions. High Pitch gives his view on the world in only the way he can.

Episode 02 – Milo Goes To College

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 02
Duration: 131:08
Size: 126mb
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Summary: Max, Zach, and Ted are back for week 2 of their new show. The crew picks up where they left off last week talking about “greens”, booze, and food. Does 100 year old grease make the world’s best burger? PCE also tackles Howard Stern revelations from Memet about Tinder dating and a riot almost breaks out in studio 420 when Max and Zach disagree (or do they) over the riots in Berkley, CA during the Milo Yiannopolous speaking engagement. Various other ramblings as well as calls from Frankie “The Weather Guy” and Chad.

Episode 27 – Ya, we get it. It’s your birthday.

The Eh Team
Episode: 27
Size: 105mb
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Summary: Jon and Robyn and some podtrash regulars, gather to celebrate Robyn’s birthday. Calls from RDV, Krystal, and Billy Bob. Discussion about: things that are as old as Robyn. Australian TV. Weird facts. Billy Bob is embracing his new “hobby” as news reporter and editor of podgash. Chasing down a story about how Twitch is ruining Robyn’s sex life. She is down from 5 times a day to 4. The horror.