Episode 35 – Why does this keep happening?

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 35
Duration: 61:18
Size: 59mb
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Summary: Show sounds like shit as my cohost has ping times over 100ms and we can only get every other word that is said by Andy, this is probably the last show. Enjoy 60 mins of pure unlistenable garbage.

Episode 43 – Agenda 2030

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 43
Size: 101mb
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Summary: Chuck explains his disdain regarding our Zionist overlords…again. The Wall St. Journal tries to defame and ruin the career of Pewdiepie. This liberal rag hatchet piece ends up blowing up in their faces epically. The MSM is also fucking up bigly with their feckless and toothless war against Trump. Is John “Skippy Podesta the same man recorded in a highly disturbing piece of audio where a child is being abused? Chuck breaks the rules of the show by getting too drunk and Booney can’t get a word in edgewise. French Canadians used to marinate their bison meat in piss jugs and fart bags. The boys are gifted a rare call from Pat K. who discusses drugs and drunken debauchery. Join us LIVE every Sunday night at 9:00 PM EST. 508-444-2783.

Episode 27 – Protest the Protests

What Is This
Episode: 27
Duration: 119:37
Size: 115mb
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Summary: Wush broadcasting on Twitch with a new video setup to kick off exciting things to come. All jokes aside! Free speech is being attacked and you SHOULD be concerned, Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart and even pewdiepie is under fire, feedback on the High Pitch Erik Show, let’s protest the protests! Static and RDV call in to debate the topic at hand, Wush projectile vomited after eating a donut, Black Fish documentary may stop you from going to Aquariums and Zoos, Photos smuggled out of North Korea, moving forward with Podtrash. Now that the fear of god is in you and our creative medium is under attack be sure to tune in next week for exciting things in store for future episodes! Street interviews, guests, and more! TUNE IN TO WHAT IS THIS EVERY FRIDAY @ 10PM EST ON PODTRASH & TWITCH.TV!

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Episode 29 – Hate Shopping and Wedding Plans

The Eh Team
Episode: 29
Size: 129mb
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Summary: Robyn deals with twitter shit. Podcasts we like including Rippercast, The Trailer Park Boys podcast, You must remember this, and the UK’s The unbelievable truth. To use drops or not to use drops. That is the question. RDV called in for The Game Of Robyn. JDummy accepted Robyn’s offer for being her Maid of Honour. Andy volunteered to be flower girl.

Episode 07 – Erik The Interviewer

The High Pitch Erik Show
Episode: 07
Duration: 150:47
Size: 145mb
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Summary: Erik interviews “up and coming” 37 year old music singer Kym D about her career. Notorious Atlanta weatherman Mark Arum checks in and gives Everyone the details on the happenings of Atlanta

Episode 05 – Smoking in the Gender Neutral Room

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 05
Duration: 159:51
Size: 153mb
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Summary: It was a busy night on the Podtrash airwaves. The PCE gang discussed Milo vs. Takei and all the fun details of dudes getting blowjobs. Marijuana legality, I Pee with LGBT, Dear Mr. President, Artie Lang the flake, dumb plastic surgery and of course booze and food jibber jabber. Calls from Frankie “the weather guy”, Chad from STL, John Booney, Bobo from CA & High Pitch Eric.

Episode 01 – Big Top Saturday Night

Episode: 01
Duration: 149:34
Size: 171mb

Summary: Jon’s first episode of his new Saturday night venture. Great support from the podtrash community helped make for a fun show. RDV called in to discuss ghost hunting, his Star Wars toy collection, wet dreams and crapping his pants. Uncle Sidewinder called in to discuss parenting and politics, and we were joined by a naked Chad from St. Louis calling from the shower. Boon and the boys called from the poker table. Addiction, nicotine patches on your dick, and SHIT YOU DONT KNOW, but Jon knows.

Episode 34 – The Koala Castisode

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 34
Duration: 122:15
Size: 118mb
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Summary: Andy is working on a Fiesta for his Padre and will be joining us after the 1st hour or so, we take this chance to do a Koalasan cast and make a trip around the Western Maryland Region and have a call with our friend JDummy who has some great “dawg” stories. Andy then joins us and gives us the low down on the fiesta and the awesome food that he is now recovering from. We then take a call from our friend Gruse as we have a good time for the 34th episode of the holocaust and thank god jvoit wasn’t killed in his most recent car accident.

Episode 26 – NoFap

What Is This
Episode: 26
Duration: 151:44
Size: 145mb
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Summary: Wush riding solo with a new perspective cam, listening to King Of All Blacks as “Shampoo” on STAR IN THE MORNING, we need a real black man to do a show on Podtrash, the concept of Bullet Journaling and organizing your thoughts on paper, Booney calls in and shows off his pens and brings the show to a screeching halt, Wush jerked off in the bathroom and Robyn found cum on the floor, DARK NET documentary about the #NoFap movement and abstaining from masturbation, what the FUCK is a HYPNO fetish and being sissy?, people that are high on the autism scale are really just misunderstood geniuses, Wush gets knocked out by Tylenol, Milkweed calls in for a Spoiler Junkies segment, the double edged sword of an automated shopping center such as AMAZON GO, Facebook and Twitter have become nothing more than data mining repositories, Steven Crowder gets cuckholded by Joe Rogan, Milo Yiannopoulos on Bill Maher, lets destroy the political system and be individuals! Thank you to everyone who donated during this broadcast and special thanks to Milkweed! CALL 917-477-7701 TO JOIN OUR SHOWS EVERY FRIDAY FROM 10PM-12AM EST ONLY ON PODTRASH.COM AND TWITCH.TV/PODTRASH

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Episode 28 – The Game of Jon

The Eh Team
Episode: 28
Size: 110mb
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Summary: Post valentines discussion in which we learn that Wush brought Robyn to tears with his thoughtful gift. Talk about a Toronto landmark burning down. Prime minister Joe Trudeau. And the death of Canadian broadcasting icon Stuart McClean. Working on a vital one hit wonder about Mo Mo. RDV called in to play THE GAME OF JON.