Episode 33 – Still here

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 33
Duration: 184:17
Size: 177mb
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Summary: The holocaust comes back for another week of torture. We talk about what the real problems in Jvoit’s life is or we discuss how Jvoit is the real problem in others lives. Janella joins us for the 2nd half which I’m sure is Andy Cruz’s doing. Then the Lego headed Gent says hello and our favorite conspiracy theorist calls in to let us know that Trump will never do anything wrong and eases our fears in a twist of fate. High fives hugs and kisses to all!

P.S. – Recording of this came out not so perfect, I have a better recording process for the future.

Episode 41 – Bigly

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 41
Size: 73mb
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Summary: Chuck shows up for the show hung-over and smelling like a gin mill…bigly. He sounds like a homeless man. The Dems want war, how can we prevent this? Marines hit Al-Qaeda in Yemen, one killed three injured. It appears that they kicked some serious terrorist ass though. The MSM has been carelessly using innuendo relating to the assassination of Trump. Some journalists are flat out calling for his assassination. Why are they not in handcuffs? “Uncle Sydewinder” calls in to discuss UFOs, the military and politics. Adding the new call in number gains the boys a few new callers. Catch Chuck’s Take LIVE every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST. Call in and share your thoughts on the hot-button topics: 508-444-2783.

Episode 24 – Get At Me Dog

What Is This
Episode: 24
Duration: 103:04
Size: 99mb
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Summary: Wush is by his lonesome, discussions about the recent rigmarole and trying to understand your fellow man. Can we all just co-exist harmoniously in our own creative outlets and collectively see Podtrash succeed? If you’re not team Podtrash go sell your “wares” elsewhere. Remembering old prank calls from WDM Radio. McDonald’s selling their Big Mac Sperm Sauce. Pork Chop Express and Zach’s eating habits. What is your favorite internet meme, CORAL!?? Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead and Trump’s Inauguration. Were the photos of the Inauguration’s attendance a farcical narrative? The GIGAPIXEL photos tell the TRUUUUTHHH. How Twitch fits into the network and could help expand Podtrash’s reach.

Episode 01 – Ted Trendy

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 01
Duration: 133:55
Size: 129mb
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Summary: Max, Zach, and Ted debut their new show after the cancellation of CMZ. Talks range from Ted being the new co-host to the childish eating habits of Zach. Calls from listeners and various other topics. Someone better write synopsis for this fucking show!

Episode 26 – Cock Hero

The Eh Team
Episode: 26
Size: 194mb
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Summary: Oscar picks, top porn searches, Podgash, Australian infiltration, were just some of the topics covered on this extra long episode of the EH Team. Calls from Chad, Billy Bob, RDV, JDummy and podtrash’s newest golden boy Ted. Great fun. Great laughs.

Australia Day Oz Music Special

Australia Day Oz Music Special
Duration: 112:30
Size: 162mb
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Summary: Resident Australian RDV and his co-host Pippa celebrate Australia Day with an Oz Music Special, playing the best tunes to originate from the Kangaroo & Rainbow Lorikeet infested island.

Episode 32 – It Got Better

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 32
Duration: 63:02
Size: 60.5mb
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Summary: We return once again and open our week with the current PT drama and what is posted on the gash side of things. Is the the end of Wush and Boon? We don’t know, don’t you?!?! We shoot the shiz as we chit chat about how life has changed over the last 7 days, join us shallent ya’ll?!?!?

Episode 03 – F Marry Kill

The High Pitch Erik Show
Episode: 03
Duration: 210:09
Size: 202mb
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Summary: High Pitch Erik, Gonzo, and Jolie take your calls and discuss topics from pop culture High Pitch style.

Episode 111 – Stop Being Greedy

Wush & Boon
Episode: 111
Duration: 117:31
Size: 113mb
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Summary: The imbeciles rioting Trump’s inauguration, Satan leaves a woman’s soul as Trump is sworn in, Immigrants could be good for the country and are at the forefront of a generation that put children first. Afghan men dye their beards red and possibly their pubes. Do the real terrorists reside in the United States Government? Remembering Lance Armstrong blood doping scandal and concluding that all of our heroes are false. Booney doing cocaine made him a Comet Ping Pong pro. Don’t do drugs kids! Danny From LA’s head is too big to appear on the show. What happened to DMX, Busta Rhymes, and Eminem? Boon pulls the origins of Max Headroom out of his asshole. RDV asks for advice on his Australia Day Music Show. REAL or FAKE: Asian guy hacks into Times Square video screens. Should people who attack someone’s family be booted from Podtrash? Arguing over the merits of the Eh Team and Chuck’s Take cockblocking a planned Cards Against Humanity show.

Episode 25 – Ball Torture

The Eh Team
Episode: 25
Size: 99mb
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Summary: Calls from Chad and JDummy helped round out a fun show. Jesse Ventura left a message for big Dave. Robyn shared her prom pic. Discussion about bad dates, Wush had better bring his A-game for Robyn’s upcoming birthday. We also talked about the legalization of pot in Canada. And Wush and Robyn test out a new sex toy that was not friendly towards Wush’s balls.