Episode 36 – No Refunds

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 36
Size: 70mb
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Summary: Chuck falls victim to his own personal “PizzaGate” when the delivery driver fails to deliver his pizza even remotely on time. “Fake News” is all the rage as the MSM spiral into a self induced panic. Don’t worry though folks, you can always get the real McCoy here at Chuck’s Take. Julian Assange is still nowhere to be found and no one seems to be asking any questions about his disappearance. Sorry retards, no refunds to those who donated to Sanders for his Prez. race, and to Stein for her futile re-count crusade. We are joined by good friends of the show and take some thought provoking calls. Even lib-tards have the opportunity to voice their vision of the world here at Chuck’s Take (don’t worry folks, no one was triggered). Remember, don’t give us any “okie doke” excuse about why you missed Chuck’s Take LIVE every Sunday @ 9:00PM EST! You people are cancer!!!

Episode 165 – Showdown

Episode: 165
Duration: 168:43
Size: 162mb
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Summary: The boys discuss various topics and take your calls. The show ends with a bonus segment where Tan Mom & Joey Boots go head to head in a battle of words.

Episode 21 – Menstruation Is Not Funny. Period.

The Eh Team
Episode: 21
Size: 122mb
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Summary: Jon and Robyn talk tv. Boon calls in to extend an olive branch to Jon. Podtrash poll on period sex, and the frequency of sex and the married podtrasher. Billy Bob called in with the “did Booney say it game”. Chad called in to unnecessarily white knight Boon. RDV called to weigh in on the evenings topics, and to debut his new Kathy Bates impression.

Episode 23 – Smartest Car

What Is This
Episode: 23
Duration: 157:05
Size: 151mb
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Summary: Wush oversleeps and shows up late, YouTube tagging content deemed as “terrorism”, Linda McMahon designated as Trump’s secretary of small business, the issues with chasing your passions, a guy sets Wush’s car on fire with jumper cables, smart cars should drive dindu carjackers straight to prison, they should also sense if you’re depressed and drive you off a bridge to Third Eye Blind, bitches getting pregnant behind the bleachers, highest earning YouTube stars made $70 million in 2016, Static meets Mini-Me at the Apple store, have you ever heard your parents having sex, South Park finale discussions, Burnesh Women kidnap men to milk them for their semen, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is reviving The Walking Dead as ‘Negan’, Mo gets neutered and is recovering, Chucksteak calls in to discuss Booney quitting Chuck’s Take.

Episode 101 – Terrible Prank Calls

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 101
Duration: 132:29
Size: 127mb
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Summary: The guys talk to Gonzo about his relationship with his girlfriend Becca, and her babies daddy – #PizzaGate – Chuck Steak calls in – Max says he has nothing against gay people – Joey’s urge for penis – A Jose from Chicago impersonator calls in – a Chad hater calls all throughout the show – the real Jose from Chicago calls in.

Episode 164 – Glass Of Something

Episode: 164
Duration: 133:33
Size: 128mb
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Summary: Chad is like a glass of cold water that you splash on your balls and they shrink. Zach is a glass of warm cum. Max is a glass of booze! Hooray!

Episode 35 – Writers Strike

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 35
Size: 52mb
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Summary: The writers at Chuck Inc. have gone on strike. We are working on a mutually beneficial resolution. Until then, please enjoy the show.

Episode 26 – Let’s Make Booney Great Again!

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 26
Duration: 139:08
Size: 134mb
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Summary: Holocaust returns with jvoit tired from moving. Billybob calls in with a great idea! All fat chicks am is belong to Andy Cruz!!!!

Episode 22 – Number One

What Is This
Episode: 22
Duration: 211:34
Size: 211mb
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Summary: Montreal is cold as fuck, it takes a strong constitution to be a Mexican laborer, buy your Podtrash shirts from the shop and prove that the Jooz Did 9/11, Static’s ex-coworkers from Apple cry over Donald Trump winning and the store delays opening, James Alefantis resembles Dexter when confronting protestors outside of Comet Ping Pong Pizza, Dojo Pizza owner teaches karate and rapes kids to creepy song, when Scared Straight goes a little too far, Pittsburgh Pete’s father Mr.Silverman calls in to deny the allegations of molesting Pete, Pittsburgh Pete is America’s #1 radio caller and calls in to yell over everyone and shits out his father’s wedding band, Chucksteak is America’s #1 Podtrash chat commentator, Chuck is investigating other Pizzerias for child trafficking, how technology is warping the minds of humans, will the latest video games cause Max to have a mental breakdown or has he learned the ways of Zen, is Booney a secret meme champion and epic internet troll?

Episode 100 – Unlikeable Chad

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 100
Duration: 130:29
Size: 125mb
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Summary: The guys discuss show one hundred – High Pitch Erik is on throughout the show and dishes on one of his love trysts, April, now former love-tryst – Tara the props manager on Blue Bloods calls in – Same caller just hit and run calling to express his displeasure with Chad – Chuck from Boston hates Chad – Update on Gonzo and his girlfriend Becca who calls in – Jose from Chicago is drunk on Jamison – all that and more…