“Goodbye Joey” Tribute Special

Goodbye Joey Tribute
Episode: Special
Duration: 158:12
Size: 212mb
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Summary: A personal tribute put together with an introduction conversation with Chad, Gonzo, Erik, and Max talking about the events followed by the live show that aired on Saturday with calls from Mick the Nerd, Marfan Mike, Little Mikey, Speech Impediment Man, Hanzi, and Fred the Elephant Boy – with newly included tributes from Joey Boots fans and friends such as Rev Bob Levy, Jason Fielder (Sportscaster), Zach Mercier (Prettiest Penis), Guy Norman Bee (Director), Jon The Magic Guy, Kiel (a fan from twitter), John Booney (cuck), and Jdummy. Thanks to everyone who supported The Joey Boots Show over the past 2 years and thank you to Joey for the great material. A very big thank you from Podtrash.com.

Episode 103 – Final Show

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 103
Duration: 70:42
Size: 94mb
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Summary: Joey doesn’t show up for the show and Gonzo, Max, and High Pitch Erik host the show in his place and express some concern. People speculate on what may have happened. Eventually a caller “BoboFromCA” bribes High Pitch Erik with a free pizza if he unblocks him on Twitter and also takes the phone upstairs and knocks on Joey’s apartment door while on air. Erik complies but there’s no response no matter how hard he knocks, and Joey’s phone can be heard ringing through the door. Erik gets off the phone but calls back shortly after and breaks the news that he got the building manager to perform a wellness check on Joey and found him slumped over his chair with no pulse. It’s a baffling turn of events. The Joey Boots Show was the beacon of Podtrash and a big reason why this place was so unique. We loved Joey, as complicated as he was, and our thoughts go out to his family.

Episode 29 – Cool Beans

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 29
Duration: 155:24
Size: 149mb
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Summary: Back again after doing ep 28 just a day prior planned on ending after only 30 mins but Andy Cruz setup a special guest for our pleasure as we blast through 2 and 1/2 hrs with an old friend.

Episode 28 – Technical Take

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 28
Duration: 179:43
Size: 172mb
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Summary: The Holocaust fills in for the Chucky Take and to say goodbye to our fallen friend Joey Boots

Episode 166 – Fappy Holidays

Episode: 166
Duration: 121:43
Size: 56mb
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Summary: The dudes discuss various topics and take your calls. Celebrating the holidays CMZ style with calls from friends of the show. Even old friends return to share the Christmas spirit. It also features the last time Joey Boots was heard on Podtrash, the night before the final show.

Episode 37 – The Lord Kek Giveth & Taketh Away

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 37
Size: 49mb
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Summary: Tucker Carlson is forgiven for his bowtie-wearing past. His latest interviews have gone viral and he made a SJW named Kurt Eichenwald go into full meltdown mode via Twitter. Remember when Joey Boots interviewed Tucker Carlson in Central Park? Neither does Pepperidge Farms (that’s a meme folks). What are the origins of both the metaphysical, god-like entity “Kek” and his Christ like son Pepe? Numerous friends of the show call in and are promptly “thank you’d for their call’d”. Chuck thinks western civilization has become a complicated episode of South Park and Boon thinks we’re all living in a hologram. Yup…some shit never changes here at Chuck’s Take. That being said; don’t give me any fucking “okie doke” about why you didn’t tune into Chuck’s Take LIVE every Sunday night 9:00 PM EST! We haven’t been seeing the “sardine shwarms” like we used to.

Episode 27 – 1 Hour is all You’re Worth!

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 27
Duration: 62:40
Size: 60mb
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Summary: Holocaust returns for another week of jvoit not being in his real apartment yet, it’s all done signed and paid for just need to get cable modem rocking on Wednesday and then next week will be better as freedom will be once again in jvoit’s grasp. Andy got his 4000th Uber rider! Congrats to the Cruz master!!!! We attempt to let Gruse call in but it makes jvoit pull his hair out and and give up, maybe next week we can complete a call. Goodnight all you awesome people, you princess and princesses of podtrash, gods walking among men, you peddlers of power, YOU are the true owners of the Earth.

I love you and bless you with high fives hugs and kisses.

Episode 102 – Drown Vinnies Kids in The Tub

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 102
Duration: 132:45
Size: 127mb
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Summary: The Guys probe Joey about his previous dating before he came out – High Pitch Erik is asked about how he and his Jewish family celebrated Christmas – Technical difficulty – Stupid broad calls in and gets hung up on – the boys discuss the attractiveness of Middle-Eastern women – High Pitch tells why his lawyer Vinny has to die – Callers wish Gonzo a happy 31st birthday – What does High Pitch know about #PizzaGate

The Ventura Show – Episode 01

dajewshshirtThe Ventura Show
Episode: 01
Duration: 14:45
Size: 14mb
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Summary: Jesse Ventura and Jesse Ventura host a show taking calls from Jesse Ventura.

Episode 22 – Oh, The Humanity

The Eh Team
Episode: 22
Size: 119mb
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Summary: Robyn and jon discuss Robyn’s new digs, Jon’s snowblower issues and lollipops. Chad, RDV, Quinn and Chrissy called in to play cards against humanity. Chrissy couldn’t figure it out but played along earning 43.5 imaginary points, while RDV won the game. A real fun show.